Groundbait is used in coarse fishing in order to attract fish to the fishing area. It's a mixture of various natural ingredients, for example bread crumbs, vanilla sugar, hemp, maize and other ingredients, and moistened with water so it's possible to make balls. These balls are then thrown out into the water at the fishing spot. Depending on the groundbait mixture, the balls may break up quickly and create a "cloud" of particles in the water attractive for mid-water feeding fish, or sink to the bottom where they slowly release feed to species feeding on the bottom. When used by match-anglers, the amount of groundbait being introduced is aimed at a balance where over-feeding, which will stop the fish feeding and biting, is avoided, while as many fish as possible is drawn to the fishing place and stimulated to feed. Due to concerns about the ecological impact of introducing nutrients to a water, acting as fertilizer, angling in some waters are affected by regulations on groundbait use. Where groundbait is banned, soil or leam is sometimes used as a substitute.



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