a fictional character in the anime and manga Corrector Yui.

He is the leader of the Corruptors.


The leader of the Corruptors.At first,he is a "good" program,created by Dr. Inukai to manage and maintain the vast-growing ComNet.His contact with Yui made him want to "live",and later,to create a world where he could "live".Dr. Inukai,who saw the change in Grosser,decided to create the Correctors to restore him to his current status.When Dr. Inukai chooses Haruna as Corrector,Grosser,who was fascinated with(arguably "loved")Yui from beginning,manipulated I.R. and set Dr. Inukai in accident,so that Yui would be the Corrector instead of Haruna.He even went as far as to turn Haruna into Dark Angel Haruna.In the last episode of the 1st season,he finally meets Yui,and in the form of Shun,he tries to convince Yui to let him use her body,in order to experience "true life".Yui could see through the disguise,and instead,she convinces him that he actually is a living being himself,capable of feeling happiness,pain,and sadness,and also others A.I. programs and Corruptors over the Net.She also stated that for the sake of others who love her,she can't just quit to become herself,though sometimes she is bitter and sad.Grosser,who finally sees the error of his ways,deletes himself along with the whole ComNet,sparing a pretty much devastated Yui.But at last,with moral support from Haruna,she could use her power to reinitialize the whole ComNet again,along with all of the Corrector programs,Grosser,and the Corruptors,who were grateful to her.He has a weakness to sound with a specific frequency,traits that Yui,Haruna,and Fina(the baby whale on the marine simulation)share,that somehow could force him to return to his "normal" state.

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