Grolier de Servières

Grolier de Servières

[graw-lyey duh ser-vyer]
Grolier de Servières, Jean, vicomte d'Aguisy, 1479-1565, French bibliophile. Grolier served Francis I as government treasurer and was later ambassador to Italy. There he met the printer Aldus Manutius and began collecting books. His library consisted of some 3,000 richly bound volumes, which remained in his family until 1675. About 350 volumes are now known to be in existence; many are in the Bibliothèque nationale. These books bear their owner's ex libris, "J. Grolerii et amicorum," which probably indicates that he also secured copies of the book for his friends. A New York club of bibliophiles, the Grolier Club (1884), and the American publishing company Grolier Incorporated are named after him.

See B. Matthews, Bookbindings … with an Account of the Grolier Club (1895).

Jean Grolier de Servières, viscount d'Aguisy (1479 in LyonOctober 22, 1565, in Paris) was Treasurer-General of France and a famous bibliophile, known for his patronage of the Aldine Press and whose library was dispersed in 1675. The bindings of the books being ornamented with geometric patterns, have given name to bindings in this style. They bore the inscription, Io. Grolieri et Amicorum (the property of Jean Grolier and his friends). He is the namesake of the Grolier Club of New York City.


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