grit teeth


Grit may refer to:

  • Grit (newspaper), a U.S. periodical founded as a newspaper in 1882
  • Grit (album), by Celtic fusion musician Martyn Bennett
  • Grits, a corn-based food common in the Southern United States
  • GRITS, a Christian hip-hop group
  • Grit size, measurement of abrasives used in sandpaper and other polishing materials
  • Grit bin, used to hold rock salt
  • The Grit, vegetarian restaurant in Athens, Georgia, US
  • Clear Grits, political reformers in the Province of Upper Canada
  • Grits, colloquial term for the Liberal Party of Canada

Grit may also be:

  • Gritstone, a sedimentary rock composed of coarse sand grains and small stones
  • Gastrolith, abrasive substances eaten by some animals to aid in digestion
  • Shell grit, source of calcium for birds

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