Grieve, Christopher Murray: see MacDiarmid, Hugh.
orig. Christopher Murray Grieve

(born Aug. 11, 1892, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scot.—died Sept. 9, 1978, Edinburgh) Scottish poet. In 1922 he founded the monthly Scottish Chapbook, in which he published his lyrics and sparked the Scottish literary renaissance. A radical leftist, he rejected English as a medium and scrutinized modern society in verse written in “synthetic Scots,” an amalgam of various dialects. A noted work is the extended rhapsody A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle (1926). He later returned to standard English in such volumes as A Kist of Whistles (1947) and In Memoriam James Joyce (1955). He is regarded as Scotland's preeminent poet of the early 20th century.

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Grieve is a surname of English origin.

It is related to the surname Reeve and variants include Greaves, Grieves, Greeves, Greves, Greave, Griveson and Greaveson. Although English in origin, it is particularly strong in Australia and Scotland.

People with the surname include:

It is also the name of a variety of apple, named after its breeder:

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