Gridiron may refer to:

  • Gridiron (cooking), type of grill that can be used to cook meat or other food over a fire; most of the other usages derive from this term due to their fancied resemblance
  • Gridiron plan, in urban planning, a system that describes an ordered arrangement of streets in a regular grid pattern, intersecting at right angles
  • In theatres, a metal framework suspended above the stage from which lights and other items are hung
  • Gridiron Incision,(muscle splitting)/McBurney incisions: Incision of the external oblique aponeurosis in the direction of its fibers. Used in surgical repair for Appendectomy.
  • Gridiron pendulum, a part of a pendulum clock as designed by John Harrison
  • Gridiron (novel), a science fiction novel about a semi-intelligent building infected by a virus
  • Gridiron Club, a journalistic organization in Washington, DC, USA
  • Gridiron Gang, a 2006 film
  • GridIron Master, a board game
  • Captain Grid-Iron, a G.I. Joe character
  • In Marine salvage, a ship, especially a wooden ship, at the end of its life is allowed to settle onto a gridiron to keep the hull clear of the sea bed and allow complete salvage of the hull
  • Grid-Iron, online American Football management game

Gridiron in sport may refer to:

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