Gregory, James

Gregory, James

Gregory, James, 1638-75, Scottish mathematician. He invented a reflecting telescope (1661), which he described in his Optica promota (1663). In 1668 he became professor of mathematics at the Univ. of St. Andrews and, in 1674, professor of mathematics at the Univ. of Edinburgh. He originated a photometric mode of measuring the distance of stars and wrote Geometriae pars universalis (1668) and Exercitationes geometricae (1668).

Gregory James Venables (born 6 December 1949) is a British Anglican clergyman and the current Primate of the Southern Cone.

The son of Dudley James Venables, he was educated at Kingston University, after which he was successively a computer systems officer and a school teacher before embarking on an ecclesiastical vocation.

Ordained as a deacon in 1984 and one year later as priest, Venables rose rapidly in the Church hierarchy in South America before ascending to the Episcopate in 1995.

Venables has been married to Sylvia Margaret (née Norton) since 1978; they have one son and two daughters.

He is also an honorary Fellow of Canterbury Christ Church University.


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