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Green Run High School

Green Run High School, home of the Green Run Stallions, is a public secondary school located at 1700 Dahlia Drive of the "Green Run" area of suburban Virginia Beach, Virginia. Green Run hosts a very diverse student population many of which come from the large concentration of military families that have moved into the area within the past couple of decades.


  • Opened Sept. 1979. Was the largest high school in Virginia 247,000 feet of space. Construction cost totaled $11.4 million.

The site for Green Run High School:

  • is one of three Virginia Beach schools built on land that can be traced back to the Algonquin Indian settlements.
  • was once used as a garden farm for the Norfolk City jail.
  • was owned by a Mennonite Farming family until sold in the late 1960s as part of the Green Run planned development.

The Green Run crest:

  • The school seal contains symbolic pictures that represent Green Run High School and that which it values.
  • The seal is a crest, divided into three sections, and a stallion's head.
  • The section in the upper left area represents learning and knowledge; it contains a picture of a graduation cap, a diploma, and a key.
  • The winged foot in the lower left section represents the challenge of athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • The last section, on the right half of the crest, represents the city of Virginia Beach.
  • The seven rays of the sun stand for the seven high schools (Bayside, First Colonial, Floyd E. Kellam, Frank W. Cox, Kempsville, Princess Anne and Green Run) that existed at that time.

Notable Alumni


  • Social Studies teacher, Kenneth J. Doney 46, committed suicide on May 25, 2007.
  • School Resource Officer Randall Vaiden was killed in a tragic car accident on October 10, 2007

Michael Jablonski Scandal

36-year-old Social Studies teacher and Girls Volleyball Coach, Michael Jablonski, was arrested on April 20, 2008 on two accounts of child pornography. He is currently undergoing psychological treatment after telling the judge that he was sexually abused as a child by a neighbor; he is also taking long term leave without pay and can no longer work around children and must continue the treatment.

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