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List of biggest clock faces

The biggest clock face is a disputed title mainly due to lack of impartial and accurate measurements being widely available, and accepted rules for what qualifies as a "clock face". There are three main contenders:

  • The Cevahir Mall clock in Istanbul, which claims to have 3 meter high digits (which based on pictures may make the face as large as 36 meters in diameter).
  • The Colgate Clock which is located on the Jersey City waterfront, and faces Manhattan, which claims a diameter of 50 feet (15.24 m).
  • The Flower clock, Abbasabad district of Tehran, which claims to measure 49.21 feet (15 m) in diameter. It weighs in at 750 kg, and was installed on 7 June 2005.

Other big clock faces

  • St. Peter, Zürich 28.5 feet / 8.7 metres in diameter, 1534, world's largest church clock face.
  • Clock in Opole (Polish City Without Limits) on the power station building. 8.8 meters
  • Clock in Warsaw, Poland, 2000, on Palace of Culture and Science building. 6.3 meters - the world's second-tallest, clock tower.
  • Colgate Clock (Indiana), 1906 in New Jersey, moved to Indiana and first illumined November 17, 1924.
  • Allen-Bradley Clock Towerbiggest four-faced clock
  • Philadelphia City Hall hosts twenty-six foot diameter clocks on all four sides of the metal portion of the tower.
  • The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, Baltimore, MD Built in 1911 the Bromo Seltzer clock is the largest four dial gravity clock in the world. The dial is in diameter. The minute hand is long, and weighs 145 pounds. the Pendulum is long and weighs 475 pounds.
  • Big Ben 7 meters (21-23 feet) in diameter, 1854. — biggest four-faced chiming clock.
  • Royal Liver Building clock, Liverpool.

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