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List of Hawaii Five-O episodes

List of Hawaii Five-O episodes

Season 1 1968-1969

Season 1 was released on Region 1 DVD on 6 March 2007.

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"Cocoon" (pilot) 20 September 1968 McGarrett is embroiled in a tale of espionage and murder in this story, which marks the first appearance of villain Wo Fat (Khigh Dheigh) Leonard Freeman Paul Wendkos
"Full Fathom Five" 26 September 1968 The Hawaiian governor assigns McGarrett to break a ring of con artists swindling visiting rich widows; guest Kevin McCarthy. Ken Kolb Richard Benedict
"Strangers In Our Own Land" 3 October 1968 An official's death involves strange clues, including a woman with a camera and a man with a briefcase; guest Simon Oakland. Teleplay: John Kneubuhl & Herman Groves; story: John Kneubuhl Herschel Daugherty
"Tiger By The Tail" 10 October 1968 A publicity stunt by a rock singer (Sal Mineo) to stage his own kidnapping backfires when ransom is offered; guest Sam Melville. Sy Salkowitz Richard Benedict
"Samurai" 17 October 1968 McGarrett must protect an underworld kingpin (Ricardo Montalban) he is trying to convict of racketeering activities. Teleplay: Jerome Coopersmith & Mel Goldberg; story: Jerome Coopersmith Alvin Ganzer
"...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin" 7 November 1968 The Five-O team works overtime when Danny is indicted for the murder of an apparently unarmed teenage boy; guest Gavin MacLeod. John D. F. Black John Peyser
"Twenty-Four Karat Kill" 14 November 1968 The owner of a tuna boat uses his craft to smuggle gold bars into the islands; guests Paul Richards, Marj Dusay. David P. Harmon Alvin Ganzer
"The Ways of Love" 21 November 1968 McGarrett goes under cover in a California prison to find the connection between a girl's death and the theft of a gem collection. Laurence Heath Charles Dubin
"No Blue Skies" 5 December 1968 A singer (Tommy Sands) turns to cat burglary when his musical efforts fail to satisfy his mounting gambling debts. Herman Groves Herschel Daugherty
"By the Numbers" 12 December 1968 An Army corporal (Johnny Crawford) is accused of a crime after a winning ticket in a numbers game turns out to be a loser; guest James McEachin. Mark Rodgers Seymour Robbie
"Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born" 19 December 1968 Danny directs a methodical search for the unknown assailant who critically wounded McGarrett. John D. F. Black Herschel Daugherty
"Deathwatch" 25 December 1968 Five-O fights to save the life of a gangster so that he can testify against his boss; guests Nehemiah Persoff, James Shigeta. Shirl Hendryx Herschel Daugherty
"Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember" 1 January 1969 When a young Indonesian student is murdered, McGarrett searches for the prime suspect: an ex-athlete formerly engaged to the victim. Teleplay: John D. F. Black; story: Leonard Freeman Richard Benedict
"King Of The Hill" 8 January 1969 A marine veteran (Yaphet Kotto) suffers a breakdown and, believing he is back in Vietnam, takes Danny hostage in a hospital ward. Teleplay: John D. F. Black; story: Leonard Freeman Jack Shea
"Up Tight" 15 January 1969 McGarrett attempts to get the goods on David Stone, a professor-turned-guru who introduces young people to drugs - but does not use them himself. Guest Ed Flanders Teleplay: Mel Goldberg; story: David Harmon Seymour Robbie
"Face Of The Dragon" 22 January 1969 A man carrying bubonic plague arrives in the islands the same time as plans for a top-secret weapon vanish; guest Jackie Coogan. Robert C. Dennis Richard Benedict
"The Box" 29 January 1969 McGarrett offers himself as a hostage in an attempted prison break by two "lifers"; guests Gavin MacLeod, Gerald S. O'Loughlin. Teleplay: John D. F. Black; story: Leonard Freeman & John D. F. Black Seymour Robbie
"One for the Money" 5 February 1969 Teleplay: Palmer Thompson; story: Robert Stambler Paul Stanley
"Along Came Joey" 12 February 1969 Teleplay: Jerry Ludwig & Mel Goldberg; story: Jerry Ludwig Richard Benedict
"Once Upon a Time (1)" 19 February 1969 McGarrett travels to LA to help his sister deal with her child's cancer and make the correct decision about a faith-healer/quack. Leonard Freeman Michael Caffey
"Once Upon a Time (2)" 26 February 1969 Leonard Freeman Michael Caffey & Abner Biberman
"Not That Much Different" 5 March 1969 A murder rocks the tight-knit group of hippies running "Peace" magazine. Law and order triumphs. Mark Rodgers Abner Biberman
"Six Kilos" 12 March 1969 Meyer Dolinsky Seymour Robbie
"The Big Kahuna" 19 March 1969 Teleplay: Gilbert Ralston & Norman Hudis; story: Leonard Freeman Herschel Daugherty

Season 2

Season 2 was released on Region 1 DVD on July 31st 2007.

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead!" 24 September 1969 After the brides of three G.I.s killed in Vietnam turn up dead, the Five-O team uncovers an insurance scam run by a soldier with a murderous grudge. Mel Goldberg & Paul Harber Nicholas Colasanto
"To Hell with Babe Ruth" 1 October 1969 Taking place on December 6th & 7th 1969, a Japanese ninja who had been in a coma since December 6th 1941 plans on carrying out his mission from 28 years earlier. Anthony Lawrence Nicholas Colasanto
"Forty Feet High and It Kills!" 8 October 1969 Fear spreads through Hawaii after rumors of an imminent tidal wave, but McGarrett discovers the true threat: villainous Red Chinese agent Wo Fat has kidnapped a renowned geneticist and plans to use the scientist's discoveries to create a superior race. Robert C. Dennis & Edward J. Lasko Michael O'Herlihy
"Just Lucky, I Guess" 15 October 1969 A prostitute haas been murdered by a gangster, but the sole witness to the crime - a respectable small-town hardware salesman - is afraid to testify. To catch the killer, McGarrett uses a beautiful undercover policewoman as bait. Jay Roberts Nicholas Colasanto
"Savage Sunday" 22 October 1969 After a band of foreign revolutionaries steal weapons from an armory, Five-O mobilizes to bring down the terrorists. Palmer Thompson Reza Badiyi
"A Bullet for McGarrett" 29 October 1969 A psychology professor and disciple of Wo Fat is using the power of hypnosis to turn citizens into assassins. Steve McGarrett has to stop these mind games before he beomes the next target of the hypnotist. Teleplay: Anthony Lawrence; Story: Jay Roberts Paul Stanley
"Sweet Terror" 5 November 1969 Hawaii's sugar industry becomes a terrorist target for germ warfare. Can Five-O stop the ensuing sabotage? Robert C. Dennis Richard Benedict
"King Kamehameha Blues" 12 November 1969 One of Hawaii's most treasured artifacts is stolen, the robe of the late King Kamehameha. McGarrett pursues the theft to a group of antiestablishment university students. Robert Hamner Barry Shear
"Singapore File" 19 November 1969 To nail a local gangster for murder, Steve McGarrett must travel to Singapore to transport the witness to the crime. The witness is an alluring woman who is tired of running from her past. Robert C. Dennis Robert Gist
"All the King's Horses" 26 November 1969 Five-O investigates an ex-racketeer suspected of heading a local crime syndicate. Steve McGarrett follows a hunch that the politician seeking to indict the accused man is involved in some dirty dealings of his own. William Robert Yates Richard Benedict
"Leopard on the Rock" 3 December 1969 When the plane carrying a despised dictator is forced to make an emergency landing in Hawaii, the notorious leader is marked for death ... and it's up to Five-O to protect him. Palmer Thompson Irving J. Moore
"The Devil and Mr. Frog" 10 December 1969 After a kidnapped boy escapes his captors, the boy's father enlists Five-O to recover his ransom money from the extortionists. McGarrett's only lead is from the boy: "a frog and the devil". Robert C. Dennis Michael O'Herlihy
"The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!" 17 December 1969 The stakes are murderously high when a beach boy and a playboy vie for the attentions of a seductive heiress in a bizarre card game. Jack Turley Gene Nelson
"Which Way Did They Go?" 24 December 1969 After an adversary from McGarrett's past robs a bank under the noses of Five-O. McGarrett follows a trail to Hong Kong to nab the brilliant thief. Meyer Dolinsky Abner Biberman
"Blind Tiger" 31 December 1969 A surprise birthday party for Steve McGarrett ends with a bang - a car-bomb explosion in his black Mercury Parklane. The explosion leaves McGarrett blinded. As McGarrett recuperates, the Five-O team searches the islands for his would-be killer. Jerome Coopersmith & William Robert Yates Abner Biberman
"Bored, She Hung Herself" 7 January 1970 A young yoga instructor uses yoga so others hang themselves but survives. Five-O discovers a woman who hung herself to death. This episode aired only once and is no longer in syndication. The Season 2 DVD set from Paramount excludes this episode. Mel Goldberg John Newland
"Run, Johnny, Run" 14 January 1970 An AWOL sailor is accused of killing a patrolman. As vengeful Navy officers seek to enact their own justice, McGarrett must protect the suspect and solve the case. Mel Goldberg Michael O'Herlihy
"Killer Bee" 21 January 1970 A Vietnam vet is revealed to be behind the kidnappings of several local children. But McGarrett suspects the psychologically damaged kidnapper is being to commit these crimes by another soldier. Anthony Lawrence Paul Stanley
"The One with the Gun" 28 January 1970 After a crooked card game leads to the murder of a young honeymooner, the victim's brother sets out to find the man responsible. Now Five-O must stop the vigilante before another murder takes place. Jack Soo and John Colicos guest stars Robert C. Dennis Murray Golden
"Cry, Lie" 4 February 1970 When Chin Ho Kelly is accused of taking a bribe from a drug dealer, the Five-O members defend one of their own. Preston Wood Paul Stanley
"Most Likely to Murder" 11 February 1970 A cop's wife has been murdered. When the widowed officer seeks revenge, Danno, his long time friend, tries to stop him. Robert Hamner Nicholas Colasanto
"Nightmare Road" 18 February 1970 Steve McGarrett encounters resistance from federal agents when he attempts to uncover the mystery behind a research scientist's disappearance from his important government post. Jack Turley John Newland
"Three Dead Cows at Makapuu: Part 1" 25 February 1970 Dr. Alexander Kline is scientist who disappears. He discovered a biological mutation,"Q strain", and plans to unleash it as a protest against germ warfare. Story: Leonard Freeman; Teleplay: Anthony Lawrence Marvin J. Chomsky
"Three Dead Cows at Makapuu: Part 2" 4 March 1970 Five-O rush to find a test tube of "Q strain" which Dr. Kline has hidden and, if not found within 12 hours, will devastate Hawaii. Anthony Lawrence Marvin J. Chomsky
"Kiss the Queen Goodbye" 11 March 1970 A jewel thief masquerading as a socialite attempts to steal a priceless emerald. The Queen of Polynesia, from the governor's gala. But Five-O are waiting for the thief - disguised as workers at the event. Jack Turley Abner Biberman

Season 3

"And a time to die..." 1970-1971 Five-O must move swiftly to prevent a threat against the kidnapped daughter of a surgeon who is to operate on a wounded U.S. undercover agent.
"Trouble in mind" 1970-1971 Contaminated heroin shatters a failing singer's desperate attempt at a comeback.
"The second shot" 1970-1971 McGarrett must thwart an elaborate assassination attempt on the life of a self-exiled Greek doctor.
"Time and memories" 1970-1971 McGarrett becomes personally involved in a murder case and jeopardizes his job when his former fiancee becomes the prime suspect.
"The Guarnerius caper" 1970-1971 The theft of a priceless violin belonging to a Russian musician threatens to explode into an international incident.
"The ransom" 1970-1971 Efforts by Five-O to rescue a young boy from abductors backfire when Kono becomes a prisinor of the thugs.
"Forces of waves" 1970-1971 Five-O investigates the murder of a wealthy businessman in a boat explosion.
"The reunion" 1970-1971 A millionaire Japanese businessman is accused by three former prisoners of war of being the officer responsible for torturing them during World War II.
"The late John Louisiana" 1970-1971 McGarrett leads the search for the witness to a two-year-old murder to protect her against one of Hawaii's most-wanted criminals.
"The last Eden" 1970-1971 Five-O searches for the conspirators who frame a nightclub star who is outspoken against pollution.
"Over fifty? Steal" 1970-1971 An elderly master burglar plays cat-and-mouse with Five-O in a series of publicity-grabbing thefts.
"Beautiful screamer" 1970-1971 A strangler writes poetry by Byron in lipstick on the legs of two victims, one of whom is Danno's fiancee.
"The payoff" 1970-1971 McGarrett must apprehend a hoodlum and his girl friend who were part of an abduction plot in order to save their lives from their co-conspirators.
"The double wall" 1970-1971 A convicted murderer holds a prison doctor hostage and demands that McGarrett reopen his case.
"Paniolo" 1970-1971 The death of a real estate agent leads McGarrett to the island of Maui.
"Ten thousand diamonds and a heart" 1970-1971 A prisoner is broken out of jail by a wealthy gangster so he can mastermind a $10 million robbery of the Honolulu Diamond Exchange.
"To kill or be killed" 1970-1971 Five-O meets resistance from Army intelligence after a combat hero is found dead under mysterious circumstances.
"F.O.B. Honolulu, part I" 1970-1971 Counterfeit plates for U.S. twenty-dollar bills are sought by various international agents as Five-O must deal with murder, treason and doublecross.
"F.O.B. Honolulu, part II" 1970-1971
"The gunrunner" 1970-1971 A munitions dealer arranges for the kidnapping of his own wife so that he can induce a beleaguered government to pay a higher price for the arms shipment.
"Dear enemy" 1970-1971 A woman fakes evidence to link two murders in an attempt to trick McGarrett into reinvestigating the homicide charge for which her husband was convicted.
"The bomber and Mrs. Moroney" 1970-1971 An armed lunatic who blames Danno for his brother's death takes people hostage at Five-O headquarters and threatens to blow up the office.
"The grandstand play, part I" 1970-1971 The son of a professional ball player is witness to a murder at the ballpark, but is reluctant to tell his father or the authorities.
"The grandstand play, part II" 1970-1971

Season 4

"Highest castle, deepest grave" 1971-1972 A ten-year-old missing persons case is reopened when an archaeological dig reveals the bodies of a man and a woman who were murdered.
"No bottles ... no cans ... no people" 1971-1972 A small-time hoodlum tries to eliminate the competition and open the way for a mainland crime syndicate to operate in Hawaii.
"Wednesday, ladies free" 1971-1972 A strangler murders women, leaving each wearing a blonde wig and their faces garishly made up.
"3,000 crooked miles to Honolulu" 1971-1972 A cunning college professor plots an elaborate scheme to cash $750,000 worth of stolen travelers checks in Hawaii. Buddy Ebsen guest-stars
"Two doves and Mr. Heron" 1971-1972 A tourist declines to press charges after being robbed of his wallet which contains a key to a storage locker containing $250,000.
"...And I want some candy and a gun that shoots" 1971-1972 A psychotic sniper endangers the lives of motorists as he fires at cars from a hillside bunker overlooking a major highway.
"Air cargo... dial for murder" 1971-1972 McGarrett comes across an air cargo hijacking ring while investigating the death of an airport security undercover agent.
"For a million... why not?" 1971-1972 Five upstanding citizens team together to steal $6 million in a seemingly perfect crime. Sam Melville (actor) and Jack Kruschen guest stars
"The burning ice" 1971-1972 A doctor becomes a suspect in the murder of his wife when McGarrett finds holes in the confessed killer's story.
"Rest in peace, somebody" 1971-1972 McGarrett receives calls from a man threatening to kill somebody important in 48 hours, as well as a clue to the identity of the victim: a key sent by the anonymous assailant.
"A matter of mutual concern" 1971-1972 McGarrett fears a gangland war is about to break out when it seems a mainland syndicate is trying to take over criminal operations.
"Nine, ten - you're dead" 1971-1972 A syndicate boss seeks revenge when his light-heavyweight boxer's hand is smashed by a punchy ex-fighter.
"Is this any way to run a paradise" 1971-1972 McGarrett searches for an ecology fanatic whose pranks are harmless until he threatens the lives of those he feels are the cause of the islands' pollution.
"Odd man in" 1971-1972 Lewis Avery Filer from "Over fifty? Steal" escapes from prison after devising to steal $4 million from drug smugglers.
"Bait once, bait twice" 1971-1972 A young woman attempts suicide so that her fiance will come out of hiding and expose himself to assassination.
"The ninety-second war, part I" 1971-1972 McGarrett is framed as a thief by Wo Fat, who needs 90 seconds to carry out a plot against a U.S. missile tracking base.
"The ninety-second war, part II" 1971-1972
"Skinhead" 1971-1972 After a young woman is raped in a parking lot and a braggart soldier is arrested and tried for the crime, McGarrett begins to suspect the soldier may be the wrong man.
"While you're at it, bring in the moon" 1971-1972 An eccentric billionaire suspected of killing one of his business associates is afraid to leave his antiseptic yacht and clear himself of the crime.
"Cloth of gold" 1971-1972 Members of a fishy real estate company become victims of poison contained in a rare shellfish.
"Good night, baby, time to die" 1971-1972 McGarrett sets up an elaborate police protective system around a young woman to capture her former boyfriend who has escaped from prison.
"Didn't we meet at a murder?" 1971-1972 A wealthy young widow is one of the victims in an intricate blackmail plot that leads to the murder of a Chicago mobster.
"Follow the white brick road" 1971-1972 Danno goes undercover to flush out a drug ring operating from a vessel in the U.S. Seventh Fleet.
"R & R - & R" 1971-1972 McGarrett seeks a killer whose targets have been wives of Army men who have come to Hawaii to meet their husbands on furlough.

Season 5

"Death is a company policy" 1972-1973 Duke Lukela of the Five-O team is implicated in the slaying of an underworld figure's "business associate."
"Death wish on Tantalus Mountain" 1972-1973 When two of an egomanical racing car driver's mechanics are murdered, suspicion falls on the driver's glamorous fiancee.
"You don't have to kill to get rich, but it helps" 1972-1973 A series of deaths of well-to-do businessmen gets Five-O involved in the investigation of a lucrative blackmail operation.
"Pig in a Blanket" 1972-1973 After Danno shoots a teenager, a public outcry goes up to sacrifice him to public opinion.
"The jinn who clears the way" 1972-1973 Wo Fat is suspected of being behind the theft of a secret ballistic missile device, and McGarrett uncovers a plot to get the device into the hands of the highest bidder.
"Fools die twice" 1972-1973 An Army officer devises a bizarre scheme to kidnap a top government scientist and collect a ransom of one million dollars in diamonds.
"Chain of events" 1972-1973 The slaying of a public health official while conducting an investigation into veneral disease leads McGarrett into the world of politics and intrigue.
"Journey out of limbo" 1972-1973 After Danno stumbles on a plot to assassinate a Chinese diplomat, he suffers a memory loss and McGarrett has to try and help him reconstruct the details.
""V" for Vashon: the son" 1972-1973 After McGarrett shoots and kills the son of the head of a family-dominated crime syndicate, he has to deal with the boy's father and grandfather.
""V" for Vashon: the father" 1972-1973 Harold Gould guest stars
""V" for Vashon: the patriarch" 1972-1973 Luther Adlerguest stars
"The clock struck twelve" 1972-1973 McGarrett is assigned to preserve security and ensure an orderly trial after a series of bomb threats follows the arrest of a band of Hawaiian vigilantes.
"I'm a family crook - don't shoot" 1972-1973 A husband and wife team of confidence operators gets caught between the islands' most powerful mobs.
"The child stealers" 1972-1973 Five-O investigates after children are kidnapped and sold to an attorney operating a child-stealing racket on the Mainland.
"Thanks for the honeymoon" 1972-1973 An underworld fringe character agrees to turn state's evidence against a mobster if McGarrett releases her from prison and arranges her wedding to the father of her unborn child.
"The listener" 1972-1973 A psychotic electronics wizard threatens a psychiatrist and his patients through a series of ingenious electronic plants.
"Here today, gone tonight" 1972-1973 Five-O has to solve the riddle of how a suspected killer can appear to be in two places at the same time.
"The odd lot caper" 1972-1973 The senior partner in a stock exchange firm conceives a daring and seemingly foolproof scheme to rob the Honolulu Stock Exchange.
"Will the real Mr. Winkler please die" 1972-1973 An obscure shopkeeper becomes the catalyst in a plot to assassinate a high-level Iron Curtain defector.
"Little girl blue" 1972-1973 Two ineffectual crooks kidnap a little girl and hold her hostage on a hillside bunker.
"Percentage" 1972-1973 A travel agent operating gambling junkets is slain as a warning to his partners to stop competing for the gambling business.
"Engaged to be buried" 1972-1973 A gang member under investigation by Five-O for extortion is courting the daughter of Chin Ho, and they appear headed for a wedding.
"The diamond that nobody stole" 1972-1973 A cat burglar strikes at the home of a socially prominent island family, setting off a series of fast-moving events that lead to a death.
"Jury of one" 1972-1973 One of the jurors in a murder trial is being bribed to produce a hung jury, and Five-O has to find out the motive behind his consistent "not guilty" vote.

Season 6

"Hookman" 11 September 1973 A double amputee sets out to avenge the loss of his hands by killing every law enforcement officer who contributed to his maiming, including Steve McGarrett.
"Draw Me a Killer" 18 September 1973 McGarrett attempts to solve the riddle of a series of apparantly motiveless slayings that occur at six-week intervals, and his investigations lead him to the comic section of the daily newspaper.
"Charter for Death" 25 September 1973 A gangster, his daughter and son-in-law arrive in Hawaii carrying the plague, causing the Governor to seal off the island in an effort to prevent an outbreak of the disease.
"One Big Happy Family" 2 October 1973 A family of serial killers, having left a trail of death on the mainland, start a new wave of terror when they reach Hawaii.
"The Sunday Torch" 9 October 1973 A young man who fits the classic profile of a pyromaniac is carefully set up in what appears to be a foolproof frame.
"Murder is a Taxing Affair" 16 October 1973 A corrupt federal tax agent, pursuing a criminal under indictment for tax evasion, kills the fugitive for $600,000 in hot money, then loses it.
"Tricks are Not Treats" 23 October 1973 The assassination of one of Honolulu's most active pimps threatens an all-out war between two competing vice empires.
"Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?" 30 October 1973 McGarrett investigates a string of five murders of wealthy men and enlists the aid of an undercover agent from the mainland to reveal a pay-before-death inheritance scheme.
"Flash of Color, Flash of Death" 6 November 1973 An opal smuggler is set up by a glamorous woman who clears the way for her accomplices to enter a Honolulu jewelery store and rob him and the jeweler of a fortune in opals.
"A Bullet for El Diablo" 13 November 1973 A dictator is murdered by a look-alike for his daughter.
"The Finishing Touch" 20 November 1973 McGarrett becomes suspicious of a documents expert he enlists to help investigate a destructive ring of forgeries of government securities.
"Anybody Can Build a Bomb" 27 November 1973 A nuclear physicist becomes involved in an extortion scheme to blow up a portion of Honolulu with an atomic bomb.
"Try to Die on Time" 4 December 1973 Five-O must unravel a complicated web of relationships surrounding a macabre $240,000 lottery based on the projected hour of a gambler's death.
"The $100,000 Nickel" 11 December 1973 A thief (Victor Buono) steals a nickel valued at $100,000, which his panicked accomplice later drops into a vending machine.
"The Flip Side is Death" 18 December 1973 Bank robbers fake a military emergency to cover up their crime, sending Five-O to the windward side of Oahu to investigate.
"The Banzai Pipeline" 1 January 1974 The Banzai Pipeline surfing beach is the setting for three murders connected to a film production.
"One Born Every Minute" 8 January 1974 A con game targeting wealthy male tourists goes awry when a victim falls to his death from a hotel window; guest Ed Flanders.
"Secret Witness" 15 January 1974 A professional killer pursues an eyewitness (Mark Jenkins), using the man's dropped library card as his clue.
"Death With Father" 22 January 1974 A retired narcotics agent's (Andrew Duggan) son (Peter Strauss) is suspected of manufacturing heroin; guest George Kennedy.
"Murder With A Golden Touch" 29 January 1974 A search for sunken treasure leads into the Pacific off Oahu; guests James J Sloyan, Peter Donat.
"Nightmare in Blue" 5 February 1974 An investigation of five rape-murders points to the police. Guests John Beck, Katherine Justice, Alan Fudge.
"Mother's Deadly Helper" 12 February 1974 An extremist (Anthony Zerbe) embarks on a deadly crusade against what he sees as law enforcement leniency.
"Killer At Sea" 19 February 1974 A comedian (John Byner) complicates McGarrett's investigation of a robbery-kidnapping aboard a cruise ship; guest William Devane.
"30,000 Rooms and I Have The Key" 26 February 1974 A stylish jewel thief evades McGarrett and then sends the Five-O chief an invitation to his next performance; guest David Wayne.

Season 7

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"The Young Assassins" 10 September 1974 Kidnappers demand the release of two jailed radicals in exchange for a college professor and Danny.
"A Hawaiian Nightmare" 17 September 1974 An extortionist threatens to cause a volcanic eruption and destroy the city of Hilo; guests James Olson, Sheree North.
"I'll Kill 'Em Again" 24 September 1974 A psychopath re-enacts murders featured in an article recounting the team's past crime-solving efforts.
"Steal Now -- Pay Later" 1 October 1974 A man sells stolen goods to legitimate industries solely by telephone; guests Ray Danton, Jacques Aubuchon.
"Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?" 8 October 1974
"Right Grave, Wrong Body " 15 October 1974
"We Hang Our Own " 22 October 1974 A cattle baron (Leslie Nielsen) seeks revenge when one son (Perry King) says another was killed; guest Bruce Boxleitner. Walter Black Douglas Green
"The Two-Faced Corpse" 29 October 1974 An autopsy reveals that the victim of a gangland slaying led a double life; guests Jessica Walter, Sam Elliott. Bud Freeman Douglas Green
"How to Steal a Masterpiece" 12 November 1974 Thieves break through three security systems to steal art from a millionaire; guest Gail Strickland Bud Freeman Jack Lord
"A Gun for McGarrett" 26 November 1974 In his search for the mobsters who injured him, McGarrett becomes romantically involved with a lovely fellow victim; guests Carol White, Ivor Barry. Alvin Sapinsley Bruce Bilson
"Welcome to Our Branch Office" 3 December 1974 A businessman accuses the Five-O squad of demanding $100,000 in protection from him; guests Cameron Mitchell, Frank Gorshin. Jerome Coopersmith Charles S. Dubin
"Presenting... In The Center Ring... Murder" 10 December 1974 A traveling circus provides spy Wo Fat with the opportunity to attack a visiting Chinese foreign minister who is under Five-O's protection. Jerome Coopersmith Charles S. Dublin
"Hara-Kiri: Murder" 31 December 1974 Norman Lessing Paul Stanley
"Bones Of Contention" 7 January 1975 A Honolulu death is linked to the disappearance of a valuable human fossil from China just before Pearl Harbor; guests Vic Tayback, Keene Curtis. Alvin Sapinsley Douglas Green
"Computer Killer" 14 January 1975 A computer programmed with erroneous information points McGarrett's murder investigation to the wrong person. Teleplay: Tim Maschler; Story: Larry Brody &Tim Maschler Alf Kjellin
"A Woman's Work is With a Gun" 21 January 1975 Glen Olson, Rod Baker Douglas Green
"Small Witness, Large Crime" 28 January 1975 A deputy public defender criticizes McGarrett after he arrests a poor child for a petty theft; guests France Nuyen, Bert Convy. Orville H. Hampton Bruce Bilson
"Ring of Life" 4 February 1975 Tim Maschler John Peyser
"Study in Rage" 11 February 1975 Martin Roth Allen Reisner
"And The Horse Jumped Over The Moon" 18 February 1975 A heroin smuggler is slain before he can sell information to the police; guests Ed Flanders, Bruce Boxleitner, Jo Ann Harris. Larry Brody Douglas Green
"Hit Gun for Sale" 25 February 1975 Martin Roth John Peyser
"The Hostage" 11 March 1975 McGarrett clashes with a police captain over Five-O's handling of a murder / kidnapping; guests Linda Purl, Scott Brady. Bud Freeman Allen Reisner
"Diary Of A Gun" 18 March 1975 A Saturday Night special leaves Five-O a bloody trail of murder and misery as it passes from owner to owner. Jerome Coopersmith Douglas Green
"6,000 Deadly Tickets" 25 March 1975 A scheme forcing travel agents to purchase stolen airline tickets turns to murder when one refuses. Leonard and Arlene Stadd John Peyser

Season 8

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"Murder -- Eyes Only (1)" 12 September 1975 The letter bomb murder of a Navy intelligence officer interrupts McGarrett's annual naval reserve duty. Teleplay: Orville H. Hampton & Jerome Coopersmith; Story: Orville H. Hampton Michael O'Herlihy
"Murder -- Eyes Only (2)" 12 September 1975 The letter bomb murder of a Navy intelligence officer interrupts McGarrett's annual naval reserve duty. Teleplay: Orville H. Hampton & Jerome Coopersmith; Story: Orville H. Hampton Michael O'Herlihy
"McGarrett is Missing" 19 September 1975 An armed, escaped convict (Charles Cioffi) holds badly wounded McGarrett hostage after their plane goes down in a severe storm. Jerome Coopersmith Bruce Bilson
"Termination with Extreme Prejudice" 26 September 1975 McGarrett searches for a missing Englishman suspected of passing secrets to enemy agents; guests Juliet Mills, Dan O'Herlihy. Norman Lessing Michael O'Herlihy
"Target? The Lady" 3 October 1975 The Honolulu murder of a gambler sends Five-O in pursuit of a Las Vegas courier; guests Susan Dey, Andrew Prine, Marc Singer. Tim Maschler Charles S. Dubin
"Death's Name is Sam" 10 October 1975 Jerome Coopersmith Michael O'Herlihy
"The Case Against McGarrett" 17 October 1975 McGarrett allows rebelling convicts, led by an old enemy (Harold Gould), to try him for murder in exchange for hostages. Alvin Sapinsley Charles S. Dubin
"The Defector" 24 October 1975 A scientist (Pat Hingle) demands immunity for a defecting Asian physicist (Soon-Teck Oh) who has to kill a man in self defense.

Stephen Kandel Jerry Jameson
"Sing A Song Of Suspense" 31 October 1975 Bill Stratton Bruce Bilson
"Retire In Sunny Hawaii... Forever" 7 November 1975 The murder of the airplane seatmate of Danny's aunt (Helen Hayes) is linked to abandoned bank accounts. Jerome Coopersmith Bruce Bilson
"The Waterfront Steal" 21 November 1975 A warehouse burglary investigation turns up unusual loot; guests Simon Oakland, Kathleen Beller, and Richard Hatch. Albert Aley Alan Reisner
"Honor Is An Unmarked Grave" 28 November 1975
"A Touch Of Guilt" 4 December 1975 The investigation of a stabbed college football star points to a gang-rape cover-up and a U.S. Senator's son; guest Richard Masur. Anne Collins Joe Manduke
"Wooden Model Of A Rat" 11 December 1975 McGarrett's probe of Oriental-art smuggling grinds to a halt when he is charged with possession of one of the items; guest Edward Asner. Alvin Sapinsley Phillip Leacock
"Deadly Persuasion" 18 December 1975
"Legacy Of Terror" 1 January 1976 An aged Japanese importer, an ex-spy who may have known the location of a fortune in gold, is slain; guest Lew Ayres. Larry Forrester Bruce Bilson
"Loose Ends Get Hit" 8 January 1976 The airtight murder case against a racketeer crumbles when McGarrett learns a witness duped him; guest Henry Darrow. Jerome Coopersmith Charles S. Dubin
"Anatomy of a Bribe" 15 January 1976
"Turkey Shoot at Makapuu" 29 January 1976 A murder victim's roommate puts herself in danger to help catch the killer; guest Lee Purcell. Bill Stratton Ernest Pintoff
"A Killer Grows Wings" 5 February 1976
"The Capsule Kidnapping" 5 February 1976 Terrorists lock an industrialist's son in a capsule with a limited air supply; guests Bruce Boxleitner, Liam Sullivan. Jack Epps Jr. and Anderson G. House Bernard McEveety
"Love Thy Neighbor -- Take His Wife" 26 February 1976
"A Sentence To Steal" 4 March 1976

Season 9

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"Nine Dragons (1)" 30 September 1976 The probe of a theft of nerve gas puts McGarrett on Wo Fat's trail, which leads to Hong Kong; guest Dina Merrill. Jerome Coopersmith Michael O'Herlihy
"Nine Dragons (2)" 30 September 1976 In Hong Kong on Wo Fat's trail, McGarrett has amnesia from nearly drowning; guest Dina Merrill. Jerome Coopersmith Michael O'Herlihy
"Assault on the Palace" 7 October 1976
"Oldest Profession -- Latest Price" 14 October 1976
"Man on Fire" 21 October 1976
"Tour de Force, Killer Aboard" 28 October 1976 A lack of information hampers Five-O's search for an international assassin. Charles Larson Jerry London
"The Last Of The Great Paperhangers" 4 November 1976 A forger (Kevin McCarthy) steals over $14,000 from the Five-O team, then targets a bank and the U.S. Navy. Orville H. Hampton Philip Leacock
"Heads, You're Dead" 11 November 1976 The annual Trans-Pac yacht race from California to the Islands is the scene of mutiny and murder. Herman Groves Bruce Bilson
"Let Death Do Us Part" 18 November 1976 Rather than accept parole, a prisoner escapes to prove he didn't kill his wife; guest Zohra Lampert. Bud Freeman Barry Crane
"Double Exposure" 2 December 1976 A mobster who staged his own "Death" to elude a conviction comes back to reclaim his former syndicate; guest Meg Foster. Dean Tait & David Deutsch Sutton Roley
"Yes, My Deadly Daughter " 16 December 1976
"Target - A Cop" 23 December 1976 A vengeful ex-convict (Don Stroud), partially paralyzed by a police bullet, begins shooting officers; guest Gerald McRaney. Bill Stratton Robert Scheerer
"The Bells Toll At Noon" 6 January 1977 An avenging man (Rich Little) persues a drug dealer who contributed to a former addict's death; guest Mel Ferrer. Teleplay: Charles Larson; Story: Irving Pearlberg Jack Lord
"Man In A Steel Frame" 13 January 1977 Bullets that killed McGarrett's girlfriend came from the chief's service revolver; guest Camilla Sparv. Robert Stambler Allen Reisner
"Ready... Aim..." 20 January 1977
"Elegy In A Rain Forest" 27 January 1977 McGarrett fears a rapist-murderer roaming Oahu will find a girl lost in the mountains before Five-O can rescue her. Herman Groves Sutton Roley
"Dealer's Choice..... Blackmail" 3 February 1977 The head of a gambling syndicate kills a police officer in a hit-and-run auto accident; guests John Ritter, Nehemiah Persoff. Tim Maschler Ernest Pintoff
"A Capitol Crime" 17 February 1977 An elderly man (Barnard Hughes) wires himself to a bomb and takes hostages to halt his home's demolition. Teleplay: Bill Stratton; Story: James Menzies Sutton Roley
"To Die In Paradise" 24 February 1977
"Blood Money Is Hard to Wash" 3 March 1977 A mainland gangster needing a place to launder money tries to force a football-club owner to sell his team; guest Jo Anne Worley. Teleplay: Bill Stratton; Story: Curtis Kenyon Allen Reisner
"To Kill A Mind" 17 March 1977
"Requiem For A Saddle Bronc Rider" 24 March 1977
"See How She Runs" 31 March 1977
"Practical Jokes Can Kill You" 3 May 1977

Season 10

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"Up The Rebels" 15 September 1977 An Irish terrorist infiltrates a U.S. military facility to hijack explosives for sale in Northern Ireland; guest Stephen Boyd. Robert James Don Weis
"You Don't See Many Pirates These Days" 22 September 1977
"The Cop On The Cover" 29 September 1977 The governor orders McGarrett to cooperate with a magazine writer (Jean Simmons) who criticizes his handling of a kidnap case. Teleplay: Anne Collins & Gerry Day; Story: Anne Collins Paul Stanley
"The Friends Of Joey Kalima" 13 October 1977 A Honolulu police department officer (John Rubinstein) is a guest in a home when a raid there uncovers a bookmaking operation. Robert Janes Douglas Green and Don Weis
"The Descent Of The Torches" 20 October 1977
"The Ninth Step" 27 October 1977
"Shake Hands With The Man On The Moon" 10 November 1977 A real-estate huckster, a former astronaut, helps solve the murder of an investigative reporter. Teleplay: Robert Janes; Story: Robert Janes and Diana Kopald Marcus Ronald Satlof
"Deadly Doubles" 17 November 1977 An Eastern European tennis star, secretly in love with an American player Tim Matheson, defects in Hawaii; guest Kurt Russell. Robert Janes Marc Daniels
"Deep Cover" 8 December 1977 McGarrett suspects a link between the appearance of a mystery sub and the murder of a U.S. Navy officer; guest Geoffrey Lewis. Robert Janes Steven H. Stern
"Tsunami" 22 December 1977
"East Wind, Ill Wind " 29 December 1977 The missing student (Sian Barbara Allen) of a foreign expatriate may hold the vital clue to solving her instructor's watery murder. Edwin Blum Reza Badiyi
" Tread The King's Shadow" 5 January 1978
" The Big Aloha" 12 January 1978
" A Short Walk On The Longshore" 2 February 1978
"The Silk Trap" 9 February 1978
"Head To Head" 16 February 1978
"Tall On The Wave" 2 March 1978
"Angel In Blue" 9 March 1978
"When Does A War End? " 16 March 1978
"Invitation to Murder" 23 March 1978
"Frozen Assets" 30 March 1978
"My Friend, The Enemy" 13 April 1978 The threat of a diplomatic incident looms when a reporter (Luciana Paluzzi) refuses to reveal her source for a planned kidnapping. Gerry Day Noel Black
"A Stranger In His Grave" 27 April 1978
"A Death In The Family" 4 May 1978

Season 11

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"The Sleeper" 28 September 1978
"Horoscope For Murder" 5 October 1978
"Deadly Courier" 12 October 1978
"The Case Against Philip Christie" 19 October 1978
"Small Potatoes" 26 October 1978 Hired by a crime-syndicate chieftain, a jet-setter and hid girlfriend (Zohra Lampert) scheme to discredit McGarrett. Richard DeLong Adams Reza Badiyi
"A Distant Thunder" 9 November 1978 Danny goes undercover in a neo-Nazi organization to investigate a violent hate campaign directed against a congressional hopeful. Al Martinez Dennis Donnelly
"Death Mask" 16 November 1978
"The Pagoda Factor" 23 November 1978
"A Long Time Ago" 30 November 1978
"Why Won't Linda Die?" 14 December 1978
"The Miracle Man" 21 December 1978
"Number One With A Bullet Part I" 28 December 1978 A mobster's plans to acquire a nightclub include murdering its singer (Yvonne Elliman); guest James Darren. Robert Janes Don Weis
"Number One With A Bullet Part I" 4 January 1979 A singer's manager (James Darren)seeks a mob alliance to keep a local hood away from his client (Yvonne Elliman). Robert Janes Don Weis
"The Meighan Conspiracy" 18 January 1979
"The Spirit is Willie" 25 January 1979
"The Bark and the Bite" 8 February 1979
"Stringer" 22 February 1979
"The Execution File" 1 March 1979
"A Very Personal Matter" 15 March 1979 McGarrett must protect a physician suspected of drug peddling from a grieving father (Cameron Mitchell). Robert Janes Harry F. Hogan III
"The Skyline Killer" 22 March 1979 McGarrett and a profit-seeking writer (Charles Cioffi) compete to find a maniacal killer. Robert Janes Beau Van den Ecker
"The Year Of The Horse" 5 April 1979 An Asian dies on a flight from Bangkok to Honolulu when a bag of heroin in her stomach bursts. Richard DeLong Adams Don Weis
"The Year Of The Horse Part II" 5 April 1979 McGarrett and Danny investigate a drug ring in Singapore; guests Barry Bostwick, Victoria Principal, George Lazenby. Richard DeLong Adams Don Weis

Season 12

Episode Original Airdate Synopsis Writer Director
"A Lion In The Streets" 4 October 1979 A hotly contested union election leads to major trouble for McGarrett and Duke, while police officer James Carew (William Smith) come to the islands looking for his wife's murderer. Ross Martin reprises his role as Tony Alika; guests Paul L. Smith, Harry Guardino, Barbara Luna Robert Janes Reza Badiyi
"Who Says Cops Don't Cry" 11 October 1979
"Though The Heavens Fall" 18 October 1979
"Sign Of The Ram" 25 October 1979
"Good Help is Hard to Find" 1 November 1979
"Image of Fear" 8 November 1979
"Use a Gun, Go to Hell" 29 November 1979
"Voice of Terror" 4 December 1979
"A Shallow Grave" 11 December 1979
"The Kahuna" 18 December 1979
"Labyrinth" 25 December 1979
"School for Assassins" 1 January 1980
"For Old Times Sake" 8 January 1980
"The Golden Noose" 15 January 1980
"The Flight of the Jewels" 1 March 1980
"Clash of Shadows" 8 March 1980
"A Bird In Hand..." 22 March 1980
"The Moroville Covenant" 29 March 1980
"Woe To Wo Fat" 4 April 1980 McGarrett poses as a scientist and allows himself to be kidnapped, setting up a final confrontation wit his evil nemesis, Wo Fat. Frank Telford Barry Crane

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