Grandmother's Spaceship

Grandmother's Spaceship is a studio album by pioneer Christian punk band Scaterd Few. The album paints a cohesive picture of mankind in a technological society. Its overarching message is that humans have isolated themselves from each other and God. It is in this unnatural state that we are destroying ourselves through our vices.

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Space Junk"
  3. "Lullaby"
  4. "Win The Fisher"
  5. "Arbitrator"
  6. "Future Love"
  7. "Species"
  8. "Incorruptible"
  9. "Vanishing"
  10. "(Untitled Oddity)"
  11. "Suspension My Love"
  12. "Bobby's Song"
  13. "Twinkling Of An Eye"
  14. "Worm Hole"
  15. "Splendor"
  16. "As The Story Grows (v.2)"
  17. "Tomorrow"


Also Featuring:

  • Cristina Aguirre: Background Vocals in "Vanishing"
  • Corin Aguirre: as Bobby in "Bobby's Song"
  • Lee Harbaugh: Trombone
  • Diane Morren: as Grandmother in "Bobby's Song"
  • Joshua Pyle: Keyboards, Sampling


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