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Graduate Student Paper Award

The Graduate Student Paper Award is presented by the Science Fiction Research Association to the outstanding scholarly essay read at the annual conference of the SFRA by a graduate student.

Previous winners include:

  • 1999 - Shelley Rodrigo Blanchard, " 'Resistance is Futile,' We Are Already Assimilated: Cyborging, Cyborg Societies, Cyborgs, and The Matrix."
  • 2000 - Sonja Fritzsche, "Out of the Western Box: Rethinking Popular Cultural Categories from the Perspective of East German Science Fiction."
  • 2001 - Eric Drown and Sha LaBare (tie). Drown for "Riding the Cosmic Express in the Age of Mass Production: Independent Inventors as Pulp Heroes in American SF 1926-1939" and LaBare for "Outline for a Mode Manifesto: Science Fiction, Transhumanism, and Technoscience."
  • 2002 - Wendy Pearson, "Homotopia? Or What's Behind a Prefix?"
  • 2003 - Sarah Canfield Fuller, "Speculating about Gendered Evolution: Bram Stoker's White Worm and the Horror of Sexual Selection."
  • 2004 - Melissa Colleen Stevenson, "Single Cyborg Seeking Same: The Post-Human and the Problem of Loneliness."
  • 2005 - Rebecca Janicker, "New England Narratives: Space and Place in the Narratives of H.P. Lovecraft."
  • 2006 - Linda Wight, "Magic, Art, Religion, Science: Blurring the Boundaries of Science and Science Fiction in Marge Piercy's Cyborgian Narrative."
  • 2007 - Joseph Brown, "Heinlein and the Cold War: Epistemology and Politics in The Puppet Masters and Double Star."
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