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William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

The William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration (formerly the Graduate School of Management) is the business school of the University of Rochester. It was renamed after William E. Simon (1927-2000), the 63rd United States Secretary of the Treasury, in 1986. The school's present dean is Mark Zupan.

Several important innovations in business economics were developed by faculty at the school, including advances to agency theory and positive accounting theory. The school is also home to three of the most prestigious academic field journals in management: the Journal of Accounting and Economics, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Monetary Economics

The school consistently ranks among the top 30 business schools in US and amongst the top 40 B-schools in the world. Though, most notably, it enjoys a distinguished reputation as a top 10 B-school in Finance and Accounting concentrations. The Simon School faculty is known internationally for leading scholarship in management-related areas. Their cutting edge research is published in top-tier journals, and several members serve as editors of leading journals, including three published disciplines. Simon faculty members conduct research on issues which cross traditional functional lines.

Each September approximately 160 students enter the Simon community as members of four cohorts (class teams). Another 50 students join their classmates in January as cohort number five. Each cohort takes all core classes together. September entrants complete the first-year core courses during the fall, winter, and spring quarters; the majority of January entrants complete core courses during the winter, spring, and summer quarters. Within each cohort, students are assigned to a study team of 4 or 5 members. Due to the large number of students from outside the United States (40 percent), the study-team structure at the Simon School takes on special significance. Each team always includes representatives from at least two countries. Simon students enter the program with a wide range of educational, professional, and geographic backgrounds.

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