Grade may refer to:

In education

  • Grade (education), a teacher's evaluation of a student's performance
  • Grade level, the numbering of the year a student has reached in school.

In civil engineering

  • Grade (slope), the pitch of a slope such as a hill, road or railway
  • Grading, the preparation and levelling of land for construction, especially of roads and railways
  • Grade separation, aligning a junction of two or more transport axes at different heights to facilitate traffic flow.

In pure mathematics

In measurement and quality assessment and control

  • Grade (angle), a unit for the measurement of plane angle's
  • Ore grade, a measure that describes the concentration of a valuable natural material in the surrounding ore
  • Grades, the property class of nuts and bolts in terms of size and strength
  • Cetane rating, a measure of diesel fuel's combustion quality
  • Octane rating, the measure of the autoignition resistance of gasoline (petrol) and other fuels used in spark-ignition internal combustion engines
  • Grading (tumors), a measure of the aggressiveness of a tumor in medicine
  • Grade (climbing), a climber's assessment of the difficulty and danger of climbing a hill
  • Grade (bouldering), a climber's assessment of the difficulty and danger of climbing a route which are distinct from those used in regular climbing
  • Grade (rivers), a standardized scale used to rate the safety of a stretch of river, or a single rapid.
  • Grade of service, the quality of voice service in telecommunications
  • Coin grading, the process of determining the grade or condition of a coin, the key factor in its value
  • Color grading, the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture or television image
  • Pattern grading, the scaling of a pattern to a different size in the clothing or footwear industry

In Medicine

In the sense of rank or status


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