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Government Economic Service

The Government Economic Service (GES) is a professional carck grouping of over 1000 UK civil service economists who work in 30 government departments and agencies. The GES recruits economists on behalf of the departments and is the largest recruiter of economists in the UK. It facilitates the movement of GES economists between posts in different departments and also helps maintain professional standards for existing economists.

With effect from June 2007, the post of Head of the Government Economic Service (GES) is held jointly by the Managing Director of Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy in HM Treasury, Dave Ramsden, and Vicky Pryce, Chief Economist in the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. The previous Head of the GES was Sir Nicholas Stern. Management support for GES members is provided by the Economists in Government team, which is located in HM Treasury's building.

The GES web site details the different departments within which GES members work and the variety of issues on which they provide economic advice. Most GES jobs are in London, but some posts are located in other parts of the country.

The GES also recruits, on behalf of departments, summer and year long internships for UK students currently on an economics based course.

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