Orchidea De Santis

Orchidea De Santis (born 20 December, 1948, Bari) is an Italian television and film actress.


Orchidea De Santis brought a fresh,witty personality to Italian cinema. Actress of cinema, theatre and Italian television, she is known for her bright physical presence joined to a unique sense of irony. In the 1970s, amid the crowded and scattered film scene, she appeared in films that marked the beginning of several traditions - the sexy comedy, the police drama, the brilliant satire.

Her films included Il Vizio di Famiglia directed by Mariano Laurenti, Per Amare Ofelia by Flavio Mogherini,Concerto per Pistola Solista by Michele Lupo.

She also made such important films as Colpo di Stato by Luciano Salce (1969) and Paolo il Caldo by Marco Vicario (1973). She appeared briefly in Il Nero by Giovanni Vento (1965) and Una Macchia Rosa by Enzo Muzii (1970).

In the mid-1980s, she reduced her film appearances in order to pursue other activities.

In the theatre she worked with Fiorenzo Fiorentini, in the comedies Morto un Papa se ne fa un Altro, Strega Roma and Chicchignola written by Ettore Petrolini. All were directed by Ghigo De Chiara and Fiorenzo Fiorentini.

In addition, De Santis appeared in Sottoveste by Castellacci e Ventimiglia and Love and Life by Mike Immordino. She wrote and acted in La Bambola Orchidea which also featured the music of maestro Aldo Saitto.She was in a repeat engagement of Chicchignola with Mario Scaccia.

In 1998 and 1999 she worked in the comedy La cicogna si diverte by Carlo Alighero.

For the RAI radio, De Santis appeared in many roles, mainly in the serials Barocco a Roma and Racconto Italiano which were broadcasted in the late 1970s. In the 1989 she began working in the international broadcasting department were she produced Notturno Italiano, AZ per gli Italiani all'Estero, Italia Canta, Itinerari Italiani, Facile Ascolto.

In 1997 and 1998 she produced the radio show L'Arca di Noè. In 1998, for Rai International she produced Ciak si esegue, 13 episodes about Italian cinema soundtracks. In 1999, for Radio Due she developed and produced a program devoted to animals, L'Anello di Re Salomone. Since 2002, she has occasionally directed an entertainment program, Due di Notte.

In television she has worked as an actress in short programs and novels adapted for TV as: Roosvelt (Rai Tre 1986), Maga Circe and Lucrezia Borgia (Rai Uno 1987) and Il caso Redoli, a TV series: The Great Trials (Rai Uno 1996).

Recently,she collaborated with the city council of Rome in organizing a review of Italian cinema during the 1970s, Italia (de)Genere, and a homage to director Luciano Salce, L'Ultimo Sberleffo for the Casa del Cinema.

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