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In Bed with Medinner

In Bed with Medinner was a 1990s late-night British TV programme starring Bob Mills.


In Bed with Medinner was a London Weekend Television production for ITV. Standup comic Bob Mills specialised in a cynical view of life and its everyday objects, and in pastiches of popular culture icons.

It had a clip show format, in which Mills presented a long rambling commentary that inevitably led to a story about a video clip, and then to the amusing video clip itself.

Only shown very late in the evening, it distinguished itself as entertainment for those who work on night-shifts, or those who are up late.

Original broadcasts and video releases

In Bed with Medinner ran from 1992 through to 1999, totalling 60 episodes: fifty-four 30-minute episodes and six 60-minute episodes.

Cultural references

Series Two and Three opened with a parody of The Prisoner, The set was meant to be Bob Mills' own flat but was closely based on Number Six's Flat from The Prisoner.

The fourth and final series was re-titled Still In Bed With Medinner, and the opening sequence changed to be a parody of the Avengers Series Five title sequence.

The title was a parody of Madonna's 1991 film In Bed With Madonna.

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