Lighthouse (film)

Lighthouse (Dead of Night in the USA) is a 2000 British horror film directed by (Simon Hunter). It was shot in primary Cornwall for the main locations (lighthouse, beaches rockshores) & Hastings/East Sussex. The film follows survivors of a shipwrecked being preyed on by an escaped psychotic convict who beheads his victims.


A prison ship on its way to a remote island prison runs aground on rocks and sinks. Mixed survivors of cons and prison guards struggle ashore, only to discover to their horror that another survivor has made it ashore before them. Murderous psychotic, Leo Rook, who not only had a hand in the ship's sinking but has decapitated all but one of the island's lighthouse crew. Stranded, with no means of escape or call for help, the survivors must face a night of terror as they know that since they've learned that Leo survived going down with the ship he can't let any of them live and is hellbent on adding their severed heads to his collection.


  • The brightest light hides your darkest fear


Actor / Actress Character
James Purefoy Richard Spader
Christopher Adamson Leo Rook
Rachel Shelley Dr. Kirsty McCloud
Don Warrington Prison Officer Ian Goslet
Paul Brooke Captain Campbell
Christopher Dunne(as Chris Dunne) Chief Prison Officer O'Neil
Pat Kelman Spoons
Bob Goody Weevil
Peter McCabe Prison Officer Hopkins
Norman Mitchell Brownlow
Howard Attfield Sykes
Jason Round Spitfield
Sarah Wateridge McCloud's Mother
Rod Woodruff Guard

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The original writer of LIGHTHOUSE - and now given a STORY credit - is British writer, Graeme Scarfe who has gone on to write other screenplays SEAGULLS ON SPEED, GAMBIT, MARTA'S VINEYARD and the screen adaptation of Richard Hayden's novel THE INFLUENCING ENGINE. He is contacted via The Tennyson Agency, London, UK.

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