[gawr-ing, gor-]
Goring, George Goring, Baron, 1608-57, English royalist commander in the civil war. He was a court gallant who had previously served in the Dutch army. In 1641 a group of army officers formed the "first army plot" with the intent of asserting the king's will against Parliament by force. Goring, then governor of Portsmouth, was one of the conspirators. Dissatisfied at having to play a secondary role, he betrayed the plot to the parliamentarians. In 1642 after playing a double game, Goring declared for the king. He held high commands until 1645, but his considerable ability as a general was offset by his ambition and intrigues that were disastrous for the royalist cause. He lived on the Continent from 1645 until his death.
Goring-by-Sea is a neighbourhood of the Borough of Worthing in West Sussex, England, about two miles (3 km) west of Worthing town centre. Since 1929 Goring has been part of the Borough of Worthing. Usually known as "Goring", the "by-Sea" suffix has been added to differentiate it from the village of Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

The Catholic church, English Martyrs, has a copy of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Gary Bevans. The Anglican parish church, St Mary's is also worth a visit. St Mary's was originally built c. 1100 A.D. as the Church of Our Blessed Ladye of Gorynge and was rebuilt in 1837 by Decimus Burton.

Goring is served by Goring-by-Sea railway station and is thought to have been the inspiration for the name of the character Lord Goring in Oscar Wilde's play An Ideal Husband.

The mixed pebble and sand beach is popular for a wide variety of watersports including kitesurfing, has a boat ramp, and is dog-friendly. There is a busy café at its western end. The 1980s punk pop singer Billy Idol (William Broad) lived there for a few years.

Pete Townshend of The Who recorded the beach sounds for the band's album Quadrophenia on Goring beach.


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