"Filthy/Gorgeous" is a song by American glam rock band Scissor Sisters and is the seventh track on their self-titled debut album (see 2004 in music). It was released as the last single from that album in the UK, peaking at #5 in the UK Singles Chart in January 2005, making it their first top 5 single (see 2005 in British music). It also reached number 1 on the British Dance Chart. This song appeared on the soundtrack to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

Track listings

  • 12" Vinyl Picture Disc Picture disc 9869801
  • A1. Filthy/Gorgeous 3:48
  • A2. Filthy/Gorgeous (I Love You - See You Next Tuesday Mix) 5:28
  • B. Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Mix) 8:53
  • UK CD 1 9869799
  • Filthy/Gorgeous 3:48
  • Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Vocal Mix Edit) 4:33
  • Mary (Mylo Mix) 5:55
  • Filthy/Gorgeous (Video)
  • UK CD 2-DVD 9869800
  • Filthy/Gorgeous (Filthy Extended Version video)
  • Filthy/Gorgeous 3:47

Official Remixes

  1. Filthy/Gorgeous (12" Extended Mix)
  2. Filthy/Gorgeous (A Capella)
  3. Filthy/Gorgeous (ATOC vs Superbuddha Remix)
  4. Filthy/Gorgeous (Extended Original Mix)
  5. Filthy/Gorgeous (I Love You - See You Next Tuesday Mix)
  6. Filthy/Gorgeous (Martini Bros Mix)
  7. Filthy/Gorgeous (Mike Rizzo Filthy Mixshow)
  8. Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Main Mix)
  9. Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Vocal Mix)
  10. Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Vocal Mix Edit)

Music video

Two versions of the music video, by John Cameron Mitchell were made: a full-length raunchier version featuring semi-explicit scenes in a sex club, and an edited version where those scenes are shown more briefly, out of context, and occasionally obscured. Some scenes are removed completely.

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