Gordon, Jeff

Gordon, Jeff

Gordon, Jeff (Jeffery Michael Gordon). 1971-, American auto racer, b. Vallejo, Calif. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing's (NASCAR) Rookie of the Year in 1993, "The Kid" became the youngest winner of NASCAR's Winston Cup in 1995. He repeated his Winston Cup success in 1997, 1998, and 2001, and in 1998 also won 13 races, tying the record held by Richard Petty. He has more than 80 career Cup victories. Although his telegenic looks and easy embrace of the national media led many to tout him as representing a new era in what had been a traditionally regional sport, many long-time NASCAR fans found his seeming lack of grit unappealing.
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Gordon is a traditional Scottish clan name (see Clan Gordon.) It is now a common forename, in honour of General Charles George Gordon, the hero of Khartoum, and a less common surname. It is thought to be Celtic for "great hill" from the Celtic words "gor" which means "great" and "dun" which means "hill".

Another theory would have it to be of French origin, Celtic also, from the name of the small town of Gourdon, Lot which is called Gordon in the local Occitan language. In this case, 'gord' means a fortress or readily-fortified place, and the suffix 'on' would mean 'large' as in present-day Spanish, for example. In support of this theory, it is worthy of note that

  1. as elsewhere, ancient place-names in France were frequently derived from the topography, and for Gourdon this description fits to absolute perfection;
  2. it is known that to the south of the town of Gourdon, at a place called Cénevières on the Lot River itself, from around the 9th century A.D. at least, lived a noble family called Gordon (from the name of the town) and it is believed that the first record of a Gordon in Scotland, which dates from just a few years prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 refers to a member of that same French family.
Following French custom, "de" was added to the name as recognition of noble blood, and "Gordon" became "Gourdon" so that the pronunciation would suit the more modern French language as opposed to Occitan. The last member of the then illustrious de Gourdon family died without a male heir in the beginning of the 17th century, so the name in France was thus extinct. The Scottish Gordons, fortunately, continued to flourish.

It is also a fairly common surname of some Eastern European Jews (גורדון Гордон); its origin in this usage may derive from Grodno.

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Gordon (Unit: Gd) The degree of rotation of a reinforced carbon carbon (RCC) tee seal on the leading edge of the space shuttle.

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