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Gorboduc, legendary early British king mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth. In his lifetime he divided his kingdom between his sons Ferrex and Porrex, thereby creating great civil strife in which the two sons were killed. Gorboduc, or Ferrex and Porrex, the first English blank verse tragedy, was performed by the players of the Inner Temple in 1561. The first edition of the play, published in 1565, attributes the first three acts to Thomas Norton (1532-84) and the last two to Thomas Sackville. The play is modeled on Senecan tragedy.
Gorboduc (Welsh: Gorwy or Goronwy) was a legendary king of the Britons as accounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was married to Judon. At an old age, he became senile and his sons, Ferrex and Porrex, feuded over who would take over the kingdom. During this Civil War, he died and the war continued for many years.


"A niece of King Gorboduc" is mentioned briefly by the Fool in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

"Gorboduc" is the name of a poem by John Ashbery that appears in the collection April Galleons.

See also: Gorboduc for the play from 1561.

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