Goofing off

Goofing off

Goofing off is engaging in recreation or an idle pastime while obligations of work or society are neglected. Common obligations neglected in the course of goofing off include schoolwork, paid employment, social courtesies and the expectations of relations.


Goofing off at school is considered to be an adaptive behaviour. If this occurs within the classroom, teachers can resolve the matter quickly by direct confrontation.


Employers may use wage premiums to discourage goofing off by their employees. It is suggested that the effects of such incentives causes aging to have a negative effect upon earnings sooner than would be otherwise expected.

Sex differences

Some research indicates that women tend to feel more guilt than men about taking time for themselves and so use breaks to become more organized.


Goofing off may be a form of creativity and experimentation, providing useful learning experiences and discoveries.


  • Perhaps the most famous example of goofing off is the tale reported by Suetonius of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Although commonly retold, it is untrue.
  • In October 2007, two Cincinnati police officers were "suspended as a result of the investigation into allegations of goofing off.
  • In May 2008, the ABC news affiliate in San Francisco revealed that some "government workers goof off on Wikipedia.

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