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Ultraman Dyna

is a Japanese tokusatsu TV show which aired between September 6, 1997 to August 29, 1998. The series is a direct sequel to the previous Ultraman series, Ultraman Tiga.


In the year AD 2017 (More than ten years after the world was saved by Ultraman Tiga), TPC has advanced beyond earth, and has created a new GUTS team, "Super GUTS". Humans have begun terra-forming Mars and other planets in what is known as the "Age of the Neo Frontier". One day, however, the Neo Frontier is attacked by an alien race known as the Spheres. Shin Asuka has just joined Super GUTS and is in the middle of training maneuvers above Earth's atmosphere when he and his comrades are attacked. He proves himself in battle, and can hold his own against ace pilot Ryoh. However, his ship is damaged and he ejects, after which he encounters a shining light. It is then that a new giant of light merges with the bewildered Asuka, saving his life. When the Spheres enter Mars' atmosphere and merge with the Martian rocks to form monsters, Asuka again participates in the battle, now equipped with a mysterious device known as the "Reflasher". Upon the Sphere's new attack, Asuka suddenly transforms into a colossal giant, and manages to protect Mars from a group of monsters sent by the Spheres. The members of Super GUTS quickly catch on that this giant being is not Ultraman Tiga, but a new giant of light, "Ultraman Dyna". In contrast to the serious tone of Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna is a far more light hearted show, featuring more upbeat stories and goofy character personalities for its cast.

The final story arc is rather somber, in contrast to the rest of the series. Dyna/Asuka ultimately sacrifice themselves to save the Earth from Gran Sphere, the planet-sized mother form of the Spheres. Though the fate of Dyna and Asuka is not at all clear from the final episode, we do get to see that Asuka rejoins his father as they ride off toward the light in their two spaceships.

Ultraman Dyna Stats

  • Like Tiga, Dyna is a multi-colored multi-type Ultraman, whose default Flash type has red and blue patterns on silver. Dyna can transform into an all-red Strong type and an all-blue Miracle type. Unlike the tenor-voiced Tiga, Dyna grunts with a fairly low, husky voice while fighting.
  • Height: 55 meters
  • Weight: 45,000 tons
  • Human Form: Shin Asuka
  • Transformation Item: Reflasher

Dyna Forms

Flash Type

  • is Dyna's default mode. Power and speed is in balance, and he has lots of laser weaponry. After Asuka transforms to Flash type, he can change to either Strong or Miracle types only once, but never both in the same transformation. However, when in Strong or Miracle type, he can switch back to Flash.
  • Flight Speed: Mach 1,000
  • Running Speed: Mach 900
  • Aquatic Speed: Mach 500
  • Subterranean Speed: Mach 500
  • Jumping Height: 100,000 meters
  • Weapons
    • Solgent Ray: Plus-style In the movies ultraman tiga & ultraman dyna warriors of light and ultraman gaia battle in hyperspace Solgent Ray has a charge up sequence, there are no such thing in the series.
    • Specium Ray: Plus-style, just like ultraman's version used to defeat golza after the Solgent Ray failed.
    • Flash Beam: Ultraman Dyna shoots a powerful beam from his arms.
    • Dyna Slash: A jagged ring of light for cutting much like the original Ultraman's.
    • Ultra Barrier
    • Ultra Water Stream
    • Ultra Sphere: Ultraman Dyna throws an energy ball like a base-ball, but can be released in other ways.
    • Flash Cycler: Ultraman Dyna waves his arms in a circle, brings the energy to his chest, and releases it with both arms.
    • Ultra Flash Bullets
    • Flash Shot: A more powerful version of the Ultra Flash Bullets.
    • Ultra Flash Cutter: Ultraman Dyna uses a beam or a blast for slicing.

Strong Type

  • is more buff, and has stronger arms and legs. It can lift up to 7,000,000,000+ tons.
  • Flight Speed: Mach 50
  • Running Speed: Mach 20.5
  • Aquatic Speed: Mach 10
  • Subterranean Speed: 30
  • Jumping Height: 8,000 meters
  • Weapons
    • Garnate Bomber, Shooting Version: Ultraman Dyna emits an energy burst emitted from his arm.
    • Garnate Bomber, Swing Version: Ultraman Dyna lifts up monsters and drops them on their heads.
    • Burst Lariat: Ultraman Dyna slams his right forearm into a monster's throat.
    • Space Dynamite: Ultraman Dyna throws even the heaviest of enemies high into the air (e.g.: Deathfacer in the Tiga-Dyna movie)
    • Ultra Dynamite: It is similar to Ultraman Taro's dynamite attack.

Miracle Type

  • has very fast movements. It is best for air-to-air combat. It increases speed, energy, and supernatural abilities.
  • Flight Speed: Mach 10,000
  • Running Speed: Mach 9,000
  • Aquatic Speed: Mach 4,000
  • Subterranean Speed: Mach 4,000
  • Jumping Height: 10,000,000 meters
  • Weapons
    • Revolium Wave, Reverse Version: Ultraman Dyna absorbs energy or fire from an enemy and can shoot it back.
    • Revolium Wave, Attack Version: Ultraman Dyna knocks enemies into another dimension.
    • Shining Judge: Ultraman Dyna manifests a lens to concentrate solar energy on an enemy.
    • Replications of self (he split into three or more to fight against the three-faced Garaon).
    • Nature Control: Ultraman Dyna has power over wind, water, fire, earth.
    • Ultra Psychic: Ultraman Dyna uses telekinetic ability to lift enemies off the ground.
    • Rolling Attack: Ultraman Dyna curls himself into a ball and spins rapidly and throws himself against his enemy.
    • Beam Gusher: Ultraman Dyna points his fist up and pushes down, causing a gush of energy.

Super GUTS members

Super GUTS is a branch of TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium) and is the direct successor to GUTS.

  • The team captain. He is loud and boisterous, often joking with his subordinates and shouting orders. At the same time, however, he is a caring leader with a good heart and good intentions for Super GUTS.

  • Ultraman Dyna's human host. He is light-hearted overall, and is one of the rare Ultra human hosts who also serves as the comic relief of the show. Asuka often whines and pouts immaturely, and sometimes pretends that he is killed in combat just to see his teammates freak out. Asuka is not all just fun and games, though. He can also be headstrong and overly courageous. His well-known motto is "Never give up." Asuka's dad disappeared years ago when his space ship disappeared into a mysterious light, which Asuka himself enters alongside his father in the final episode.

  • The tomboy ace pilot of Super GUTS, who has a short temper and often yells at Asuka for his goof ball antics and recklessness. They have a pilot rivalry going on. However, deep down inside she likes the guy, they do like each other, which becomes quite clear toward the end. She also plays a big sister role for the less experienced Mai. Ryoh is slightly cross-eyed, which add charm for her.

  • The cool and slick haircut guy who is eventually promoted to Dept. Captain.

  • A cute, bubbly, loud cadet-type with little combat experience. She mostly serves as the communication person, but she has multiple crushes (baseball players, cute exploratory robots, bike racers, etc.), gets peoples' attention by saying 'neh-neh-neh,' and has the amazing ability to hide multiple items behind her back, only to whip them out in rapid succession.

  • The pudgy technician and researcher of the Super GUTS team, often becomes panicked or overly serious.

  • An expert of shooting of the Super GUTS and is well versed in archaeology.

  • A strange alien which Asuka befriended on a mission to mysterious planet, it first helped Asuka (as Dyna) by pointing out a monster's weak spot during a battle, and was since made Super GUTS' "mascot" of sorts. It is able to fly and show emotion, but can be mischievous at times.


  • GUTS Eagle
    • Alpha Wing
    • Beta Wing
    • Gamma Wing
  • Alpha Superior
    • GUTS Eagle Superior
  • Connelly 07
  • GUTS Marine
  • GUTS Dig



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Opening theme: "Ultraman Dyna" by Tatsuya Maeda


Several cross-overs from the cast of Ultraman Tiga. Captain Iruma appears frequently.

  • Episode 19
    Mayumi, Shinjoh's nurse sister, returns to reprise her dead-biker boyfriend story arc.
  • Episode 30
    Cameo by the Production Department office at Tsuburaya Productions. As an inside source disclosed, "Whenever you see a rundown office in a TPC show, you can bet they shot it here (that's our prod. dept. in Dyna ep. 30)"
  • Episodes 35
    Most of the GUTS team reunites. Shinjoh, who is on his way back to Earth after doing some experiments and he's a TPC officer. As we know, Horii is married and worked in PWI (TPC's branch for worldwide internet).
  • Episode 36
    Shinjoh and Horii team up with Super GUTS in locating the battlefield for the monster. Horii's children find Asuka's lost Reflasher and return it to him. Iruma appears in TPC HQ (at this time, Tiga's "Take Me Higher" instrumental is played). Horii asked Shinjoh to team up with Super GUTS in their GUTS Wing. We also noted that an ex-officer of TPC hands Munakata a file that orders him to Tokyo. Munakata appears in GUTS uniform and was in a Guts Wing EX-J to team up with Super GUTS/Shinjoh and Horii . The series ended up when Horii reunites with his family, along with GUTS and Super GUTS marching together.
  • Episode 42
    Munakata, Shinjoh, Horii, and Rena make cameos. Munakata especially gets to have fun as a Captain Harlock parody.
  • Episode 48
    Captain Shin Hayate, former Captain of the moon base of TPC, Garowa, as well as good friend of Captain Iruma, went inside the monster's stomach to remove a bomb there.
  • Episodes 50-51
    Daigo, Rena, and their child appear as civilians in Neo Frontier (Mars) in the last two episodes of this series. Yazumi appears as a technician of the Neo-Maxima Cannon. Former Inspector General Souichiro Sawai also appears to witness the final battle with current TPC officials(including Captain Iruma)


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