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Gracious! was a British progressive rock band. It was formed at late 1960's and recorded first unreleased album in 1968. Vertigo relased their album Gracious! in 1970 and Philips relased album This is...Gracious!! 1971. Songs of these albums were written by Paul Davis and Martin Kitcat.

Tim Wheatley, Robert Lipson & Alan Cowderoy reunited in 1995 and released album Echo (1996), with Sev Lewkowicz (keyboards, lead vocals, guitar) Stuart Turner (guitars) and Richard Ashworth (lyrics). The songs were written by Lewkowicz, Wheatley, Lipson and Ashworth, and the album was produced by Sev Lewkowicz & Tim Wheatley. It was released by Centaur Discs.

Band members

  • Alan Cowderoy: guitar, vocals
  • Martin Kitcat: keyboards, vocals
  • Robert Lipson: drums
  • Tim Wheatley: bass
  • Paul Davis: guitar, vocals

Line-up of album Echo (1996)

  • Sev Lewkowicz: keyboards, lead vocals, guitar
  • Tim Wheatley: bass, guitars, backing vocals
  • Robert Lipson: drums
  • Alan Cowderoy: guitar (on Oil Pressure)
  • Stuart Turner: guitars



  • Beautiful / What A Lovely Rain (1969)
  • Once On A Windy Day / Fugue in 'D' Minor (1970)


  • Gracious! (1970)

Introduction / Heaven / Hell // Fugue in 'D' Minor / Dream

  • This is...Gracious!! (1971)

Super Nova (Arrival of the Traveller / Blood Red Sun / Say Goodbye to Love / Prepare to meet thy maker) // C.B.S. / What's Come To Be / Blue Skies And Alibis / Hold Me Down

  • Echo (1996)

''Echo / Winter / Homecoming / Cynic's gate / Autumn / Mangroove / Summer / Faith / Spring / Oil pressure

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It is said that they picked thier band name because of the gracious weather during their first practice.

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