good guy

The Good Guy

The Good Guy is a novel by American author Dean Koontz, which was released on May 29, 2007.


Timothy Carrier is an unassuming stone mason who, while having a beer at his regular bar, is accidentally mistaken for a hitman by a stranger who hands him an envelope containing $10,000 and a photo of the intended victim, a writer named Linda Paquette. The real killer arrives soon afterwards, and Tim manages to bluff him by pretending to be the client, saying he's had second thoughts, and cancelling the hit while giving the killer the $10,000 as a "no-kill fee". Tim covertly follows the killer outside, and is shocked when the killer places a portable siren on top of his car before driving off; the hitman is a cop. Tim tracks down Linda and flees, using his network of friends to stay one step ahead of harm, while being tracked by a relentless sociopath who is more well-connected and dangerous than anyone could imagine.

Release details

  • 2007, USA, Bantam ISBN 0-553-80481-2, 29 May 2007, Hardback

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