good old days

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days was a popular BBC television light entertainment programme which ran from 1953 to 1983.

It was recorded live at the Leeds City Varieties and recreated an authentic atmosphere of the VictorianEdwardian music hall with songs and sketches of the era performed by present-day performers in the style of the original artistes.

The audience dressed in period costume and joined in the singing, especially the singing of Down at the Old Bull and Bush which closed the show. The show was compered by Leonard Sachs who introduced the acts. In the course of its run it featured about 2000 artists.


The show was first broadcast on July 20 1953.

The Good Old Days was inspired by the success of the "Ridgeway's Late Joys" at the Players' Theatre Club in London: a private members' club that ran fortnightly programmes of variety acts in London's West End.

The 1950's

BBC Wednesday 29th December 1954
Cast Rex Jameson, Tod Slaughter, Bertha Wilmot, Harry Bailey with host Leonard SachsBBC Saturday 26th December 1959
Cast Morecambe and Wise, Betty Jumel, Cardew Robinson, Norberti, Smoothey and Layton, Manton Brothers, Patricia Bredin with host Leonard Sachs

The 1960's

BBC Sunday 16th April 1960
Cast The Gaunt Brothers, The Falcons, June Merlin and her doves, Jimmy Gay, Harry Bailey and Nancy and Molly Munks with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Sunday 28th November 1966
Cast Ted Ray, Reg Varney, Barbara Law, George Chisholm, Eithne Milne, Michael Allport and Company, Ivane and Andre Astor and Les Aguanitos with host Leonard Sachs

The 1970's

BBC1 Sunday 16th April 1972 at 7.25pm
Cast Eartha Kitt, Arthur Askey, Eira Heath, Neville King, Larry Parker, Barrie Brothers, Terry Lightfoot and His Band, Macardis with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Sunday 13th August 1972 at 7.25pm
Cast Rod Hull, Joe Castor, Pat Mooney, Doreen Hermitage, Jan Hunt, Jimmy Webster, Tessie O'Shea, Robert Young, Patsy MacLean with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Sunday 30th March 1973 at 7.25pm
Cast Bruce Forsyth, Georgia Brown, Charlie Williams, Julius Nehring, Gerry Atkins, Pigalle Girls with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Friday 8th February 1974 at 8.15pm
Cast Roy Castle, Jean Bayliss, Gil Dova, Peter Wallis, Les Aguanitos with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Thursday 25th March 1976 at 9.25pm
Cast Larry Grayson, Frank Carson, Margaret Savage, Sheila Mathews, Ted Durante, Peter Gale, Edward Woodward with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Sunday 31st December 1978 at 11.05pm
Cast Roy Castle, Dolores Gray, Eira Heath, Michel Arene, Lido Can-Can Girls, Perkano and Christina with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Friday 20th April 1979 at 8.10pm
Cast Eleanor McCready, Les Dawson, Sweet Substitute, Peter Hudson, Joan Merrigan, Paul Rhodes, Julia Sutton, Ralph Heid, Eve n Alan with host Leonard Sachs

The 1980's

BBC1 Wednesday 2nd January 1980 at 9.25pm
Cast John Inman, Gemma Craven, David Kernan, Bernard Spear, Gino Donati, Michel Arene, Lido Can-Can Girls with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Monday 10th May 1982 at 9.05pm
Cast Bernard Cribbins, Lorna Dallas, Barry Cryer, Anna Dawson, Josephine Gordon, Bill Drysdale, Christine Cartwright, Inga-Lise with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Sunday 2nd October 1983 at 8.55pm
Cast John Inman, Mary O'Hara, Neville King, Jacquie Toye, Ted Durante, Vince Hill with host Leonard SachsBBC1 Friday 30th December 1983 at 3.50pmGoodbye to the Good Old Days
Documentary celebrating the longest running TV variety show in the UK, which ended its 30 year run this year. With Roy Hudd, Frankie Vaughan, Les Dawson, Larry Grayson and narrated by Barry Cryer

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