good evening

Good Evening, Europe!

Good Evening, Europe! is a national final song for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was performed by musical theatre singer Birgitte Einarsen in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2003, where it ended third, placing after Jostein Hasselgård and Alfie. It has since become a tiny gay anthem in parts of Europe, particularly in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Birgitte performed the song at a concert during EuroPride 2005 in Oslo.

The song is an uptempo disco tune. As the title indicates, Good Evening, Europe!, the song plays on the phrase used every year when the Eurovision hosts are addressing the millions of televiewers across Europe. The lyrics have plenty of references to the contest and lyrical parts are direct "steals" or copies of Eurovision song titles, and/or lyrics, plus songs performed by famous Eurovision participants like ABBA.

Good Evening, Europe! is composed by Arve Furset, who among other songs also penned Jostein Hasselgård's I'm Not Afraid To Move On which did a great fourth place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Latvia.

words&music by Mads Rogde, Arve furset, Benedicte Swendgaard

The heat is on
the music starts
the lights are bright
captured in a love storm
it feels all right
surrounded by a force I never felt before
magic come
emotions rise
I know the score
stars above are shining bright
lighting up the darkest night
smile when I say cheese
take me to your heaven please

Good evening Europe
let's start the celebration
join the party
let's get groovy
dance the night away
good evening Europe
this is an invitation
let's have a ball
you know the winner takes it all

There's magic every time I hear the camera zoom
everybody listen
my heart goes boom
rhythm is a dancer on the stage tonight
in every corner of my mind
love shines a light
walking down the milky way
every day's a holiday
ten thousand stars above
upon the wings of love

Good evening Europe...

Shadows fall
another day is ending
the evening star is breaking through
time for dance and time for joy and singing
I wanna celebrate with you

Good evening Europe...

Good evening Europe
stay united in the name of love
good evening Europe
you shine in any colour
let's have a ball
the winner takes it all
come take my hand
in every country, every land
the greatest thing is to sing
Good evening, Europe!


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