golden-brown algae

Golden-brown Mouse Lemur

The Golden-brown Mouse Lemur (Microcebus ravelobensis), also known as the Golden Mouse-lemur or the Ravelobe Mouse Lemur, is a small, recently discovered primate, and like all lemurs and mouse lemurs can only be found on the island of Madagascar. Its dorsal side is golden-brown, and yellowish-white ventrally. It has a white stripe running from the lower forehead to the muzzle.

It was first discovered in 1994, in the northwestern deciduous forests of Madagascar. It shares the habitat with the Gray Mouse Lemur, a sympatric species. It weighs 40-70g depending on the season, and is similar in appearance to the Gray Mouse Lemur, though it has a longer, thinner tail. It is unable to store fat in its tail like other mouse lemurs.

It travels through the forest by leaping, unlike the Gray Mouse Lemur. It is a nocturnal species, and builds its nests in dense patches of vines or dead leaves.


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