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Golden Circle (Food Company)

Golden Circle is an Australian-owned multinational company, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Its main operations are food processing.


Golden Circle began operations in 1947 after construction of the main canning factory at Northgate was completed. The new facility was opened by the then Premier of Queensland, the Hon Edward Hanlon. The company was originally called 'Queensland Tropical Fruit Products', with 'Golden Circle' used as their brand name.

Initially, the company processed and canned pineapples and produced fruit jams. Over the years, production has expanded to include other canned fruit and vegetables, fruit cordials, juices, carbonated beverages and baby food.


Australian farmers supply more than 180,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables annually to the company for processing. The fruit crops, of which pineapple is the largest, come from the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Maryborough, Yeppoon and northern Queensland. Vegetables are largely sourced from the Lockyer Valley west of Brisbane. Crops that are not grown in Queensland are supplied by the southern states.

Golden Circle operates the world's largest steam peeler and new beetroot processing lines, a $A20m food hall enabling a move into the development of new products such as baby food and a Tetra Pak plant that produces more than 42 million litres of fruit juices and drinks annually. Golden Circle also operates a robotic blow-moulding facility capable of producing 50 million plastic cordial and other beverage bottles every year.

Golden Circle employs a large number of people, which varies seasonally between 700 and 1700.

In addition to its main processing operation in Brisbane, Golden Circle also owns the Original Juice Co. plant at Mill Park, on Melbourne's northern outskirts, and a fresh fruit packing operation in Griffith, New South Wales.


Golden Circle manufactures more than 800 products including shelf stable fruit and vegetables (in cans and glass jars), fruit juices, cordials, soft drinks, jams, conserves and baby food. Pineapple products now account for only 24% of the company's total product range.


The main production facility is at Northgate, a northern suburb of Brisbane.

Sales offices are located in every Australian state as well as New Zealand. Australia is the principal market for Golden Circle products, but they are also exported to New Zealand and other Pacific countries.

Takeover bid's

26 September 2007, Coca-Cola Amatil announced it was making a conditional takeover bid for 100% of the companies shares.

6 October 2008, Heinz launched a Golden Circle takeover bid. Phillip Cave advised that the take over bid of $1.65 per share ($288 million in total) was "attractive" for all shareholders, particularly given the current difficult economic conditions.


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