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Corinthian MicroStars

Corinthian MicroStars are a series of football figurines, smaller in size than Corinthian ProStars. There are currently 14 main series, these are designed for the English market, but have been released in many other countries around the world. There are other series designed for other countries including: Japan, Mexico, Germany and Sweden. They began to be made and sold in 2001.

Other items have been released alongside the series of individual footballers. The Microdome, a model stadium, designed for playing the game MicroStars are designed for WCL or World Club League. As well as the Powershot, a game similar to a penalty shootout, and the SuperClub, a game more like an actual game of football than WCL.

MicroStars were originally available inside a confectionary product called PowerPodz. These were a hollow chocolate football with a capsule containing a MicroStar inside. Three packs were also produced with one PowerPod, with capsule inside, as well as two other capsules not inside any chocolate. For the release of Series 10, the PowerPodz were replaced with indivdually wrapped chocolate footballs, with the capsule underneath. Two packs were also introduced. From Series 15 onwards the figures were not contained in any pods. Three packs have included 1 guaranteed gold base out of the 3 players, for several series.

The MicroStars themselves were randomly packaged. Each MicroStar had five skills on its base. 'Pass, Tackle, Dribble, Cross and Shoot', while Goalkeepers have 'Save Left' and 'Save Right'. Each skill has a number, the higher the number the higher that MicroStars quality at that skill. The number system is used for the WCL game. Each MicroStar was originally released with one of six different base colours. Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver and Gold. Gold being the rarest and Green being the most common. The skill numbers of the figure are higher, the rarer the base colour is. However since in a three pack there is one guaranteed gold base, and gold bases are often used in Corinthian offers, they are no longer very rare, though still with gold bases having the best ratings. At the start of series 12, a rare black base was introduced, a black base has one rating, free call, which covered all of the 5 ratings for outfield players and the 2 for goalkeepers, Corinthians stated that the chances of getting a black base was 50 to 1. The skill names were replaced with symbols from Series 14. Each figure also had a special 'MC' number.

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