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Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) is the second game in the Leisure Suit Larry series of graphical adventure games by Sierra On Line.

Due to criticisms of the first Larry game, Sierra wanted to tone down Larry's sexual escapades for the sequel. Thus, Larry 2 doesn't contain nearly as much sex as Larry 1 (in fact, if the player does try to pick up random women, Larry will invariably be killed), which explains why the game relies only on copy protection and not an age-verification system. Ironically, Larry 2 was criticised for not being sexy enough.


Eve, the girl of Larry Laffer's dreams from the end of the previous game, has serious second thoughts in the light of day and casts him aside.

Larry begins his exploration again, and by chance he wins the lottery and a Blind Date contest in the same day. During his preparations for the cruise, a microfiche falls in his hands by mistake. He is then pursued by KGB agents as well as minions of the evil scientist Dr. Nonookee (a pun on "no nookie"), who both want to recover the film.

His travels lead him to the tropical island Nontoonyt ("None tonight"), where he meets Kalalau, the daughter of the natives' leader Kennywauwau (who bears a curious resemblance to Ken Williams). Larry enters Nonookee's lair in the heart of a volcano, where he accidentally defeats the evil doctor and wins the heart of Kalalau. (One of the final scenes included a piano-playing "Polyester Patty", who featured prominently in the next game as "Passionate Patti". Note that Patty's hair is blonde, while Patti's hair is black or brown.)

Technical details

The first sequel of the series used the new engine by Sierra called Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI), with 16 colors and MIDI sound. It introduced grand-adventure elements, including a number of diverse settings (a cruise ship, tropical islands, and so on). This is the only game of the series where (due to fan critiques) Larry meets several girls but has no activity with them (except the final one). For this reason, the game did not include an age-verification check, but a simple copy protection.

This was the first Larry game to include some customization, like the favourite 'trite phrase'. The default is 'Have a nice day' but the player can change it to anything he likes.

Due to a very serious bug, at the very end, the parser required the word THE before the nouns or it would understand them as verbs and return a mistake. The only acceptable syntax was PUT THE XXXX IN THE XXXX, which troubled many players.


  • One of the several barber shops in the game is run by Princess Rosella from the King's Quest series.
  • During a sequence where Larry must wait to be seated at an island restaurant, Ken and Roberta Williams are among the patrons let in ahead of our hero. Bill Gates and his wife are another couple.


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