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Rocker may refer to:

  • Rocker (subculture), a British subculture based around motorcycles
  • Rocker, a person who listens to or makes rock and roll or rock music
  • Rocker turn, in figure skating
  • Rocker, a type of furniture, such as a chair or cradle with curved pieces on the bottom, to provide a back and forth motion when pushed or pulled (see rocking chair)
  • Rocker, a type of cradle used for washing sand or gravel to expose heavier metals, such as gold or silver, used in placer mining

Rocker is also the name of:

  • Rudolf Rocker (1873–1958), German writer, historian and prominent figure in the international Anarchist movement
  • Fermin Rocker (1907–2004), painter and illustrator
  • John Rocker (born 1974), former American Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Lee Rocker (born 1961), rockabilly double bass player who started his career with "The Stray Cats"
  • Tracy Rocker (born 1966), American college football coach and former player
  • Rocker, former drummer of the British indie band The Flatmates

In music:

  • "The Rocker", a song by Thin Lizzy from their 1973 album Vagabonds of the Western World
  • "The Rocker", a song by Raven from their 1994 album Glow
  • Rocker (album), a 2002 album by Kraljevski Apartman
  • "Rocker", a 2004 single from Alter Ego
  • "Rocker" (song), by AC/DC
  • "Rocker", a song from The 69 Eyes ninth studio album Angels, as well as third single
  • "Rocker", a song by Miles Davis on Birth of the Cool (1950)

In film:

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