go into orbit

Go Into Your Dance

Go Into Your Dance is a 1935 musical/crime drama film, directed by Archie Mayo.


Broadway star Al Howard’s (Jolson) business is slow, and no producers are taking part in his business. It seems that he just trots off to Mexico any time he wants, causing shows to close and producers to lose money. When Howard’s sister, Molly (Farrell), can no longer find Al work, she teams him up with a young, talented dancer named Dorothy (Keeler) for a club date in Chicago. Now, with another success, Al wants to open his own club on Broadway, so he borrows money from a gangster (MacLane) to open the show. Al has Dorothy, who he ignores, the gangster’s money and the gangster's female, Luana (Morgan). All he has to do is keep them all happy, until Luana wants Al, and everything terrible that could happen did.

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