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Shellshock: Nam '67

Shellshock: Nam '67 (SSN67) is a third-person combat game for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It was released on September 10 2004 after the initial date of June 25, subsequently pitching it against fellow Vietnam War game Conflict: Vietnam.

It was hyped as a gritty, realistic war game but garnered universal disdain from critics and gamers alike for its clunky gameplay and poorly enacted cutscenes that failed to live up to its marketing hype.

The game's title screen music is a version of the classic Bo Diddley rhythm & blues song 'Who Do You Love' recorded by the UK blues rock outfit, Juicy Lucy.

A game called Shellshock was released for Windows by Eidos Interactive, developed by Core Design, in 1996. Apart from the name, there is no connection between the two games.

Game Overview

You start out as a grunt (1 of three characters the player chooses to play as) in the US Army during January 1967. Landing in South Vietnam you and one of your friends, PFC Kowalski (AKA 'Psycho') are assigned to a remote USMC base camp but before that you have to fulfill a mission. You and your new squad (Psycho, Lieutenant O'Brien, and the radioman, named Short Timer) have been dispatched to take out a VC bunker system deep in the jungle. After arriving, your squad finds another squad already in battle. Artillery is called in, but is called in too close and kills everyone in the other squad except for an African-American private named Tomkins. O'Brien instructs Tomkins to accompany the squad and later reassigns Tomkins to your squad. Continuing the mission, you and your squad take out the tunnels and then make your way to the VC artillery guns. Along with special forces who are at your base you take out the guns. From there, the squad carries out various missions.

February, 1967: The next mission is a rescue mission in a village in the Kon Tum province. Shortly after the mission starts, PFC Gardner is killed by a booby trap. Then the squad is ambushed by virtually unseen Viet Cong. After killing them, you and your squad advance to the village but are ambushed in the flooded fields. When you kill them all, the squad enters the village and discovers several stashes of weapons intended for the Viet Cong. Then you resuce the reporter from a hut. His name is Corey and he gives you the scoop on a high ranking Viet Cong general, nicknamed General King Cong. King Cong was a guerrilla warfare specialist sent down from Hanoi on the personal orders of Ho Chi Minh to tighten the Communist grip on rural South Vietnam. Since he arrived in late 1966, VC attacks and membership has increased drastically. King Cong is a vicious warlord who usually kills American POW's after torturing them for days and then personally executing them. He is also known for being extremely harsh towards local villagers who won't join the Communist cause often brutally killing and torturing them.

March, 1967: A month later You and your squad are called on another rescue mission. This time you must raid an Old French Fort in the Quang Tri province and rescue American POW's. As you advance along the squad is immediately hit by the NVA. As you move you destroy NVA machine gun posts and bunkers. But when a napalm strike fails to take out a second bunker you must raid it. When the NVA are killed you reach the fort and have to blow up the fort gates. You then fight your way through the fort finally getting to the basement and discovering that most of the American POW's were viciously tortured then killed. When you find the patrol's dying lieutenant he reveals that he was tortured by King Cong and that King Cong's real name is Ngo Diem. After the lieutenant dies you leave go back upstairs and meet with Lt. O'Brien.

The next night, The NVA launch a counter attack to retake the fort. They attack in waves as you mow them down with a machine gun. But when a mortar strike occurs you must retreat with your squad to the command post. To make things worse Lt. O'Brien is hacked to death by an enemy with a machete. Short Timer radio's in support but the helicopter can't land until you kill RPG crews on the fort's roof. After you kill them all, Sgt. Ramirez (who is an allusion to Michael Vronsky from The Deer Hunter), Tick Tock and Eyeball land and with your aid, kill the remaining NVA.

May, 1967: Next you go on a Special Forces mission and have to destroy a Viet Cong river supply depot, in Srepok River. The mission goes well and you are able to rescue civilians. But before you leave you are shot in the leg by a VC sniper who is quickly killed by Ramirez.

June, 1967: A month later, you are sent on a mission to aid Ramirez, Eyeball, Tick Tock and the Montengard scout "Monty" who were ambushed by VC near the village from the second mission. After you give them ammo you head to the village, kill the VC and rescue Monty. He then tells you that the village elders will be executed by the VC. Once you rescue the elders and escort them back to the village you are ambushed by a platoon of VC in the flooded field. You are then ordered via radio to destroy a supply cache of American weapons, stolen by the Viet Cong. The mission ends after you kill the VC guarding it.

July, 1967: A month later, you and the Special forces squad land by PBR to destroy a VC artillery position that has been set up by Diem and his men. The mission is kept secret because it is believed there is a spy in the American base. You fight you way through the jungle killing the NVA an then ordering a napalm strike on the artillery.

August, 1967: Your next mission is to aid, The SF troops who are pinned down in Ku Lim city. You land by helicopter and must fight you way through the city towards the SF troops. Along with your old squad, you must ward off attacking VC and NVA. Once the attacking Communists are dead, you must assault a gas station held by the NVA and blow it up. After it explodes, a helicopter lands and everyone but Ramirez, Tick Tock and Eyeball got on while those three stay behind to cover the escape. But the NVA fire an RPG at the three men vaporizing Tick Tock who is carrying a flame thrower and knocking Ramirez and Eyeball out.

September, 1967: The next mission is to destroy the NVA monitoring station in Ku Lim this time approaching stealthily at night. After killing NVA watchmen in the streets, you go advance into a tunnel system and blow up the radios. Then you discover that Ramirez and Eyeball might be being held prisoner in a local hotel. In the midst of a fire fight outside the hotel, Psycho is hit by an RPG rocket and he explodes. Then you, Monty and Short Timer assault the hotel and kill all inside including hookers. When you enter the final room you discover the dead bodies of Ramirez and Eyeball who were tortured by Mama San and hooker from the American base camp. When discovering she is the spy, Monty tortures her until she reveals that Diem's base of operations in a Buddhist temple on the Laotian border. Satisfied with the intel, Monty slits her throat.

October, 1967: Shortly afterward, You, Monty and Short Timer land by helicopter just outside the temple which is crawling with NVA and VC. You must fight your way through the temple killing hundreds enemies along the way. Finally you reach the main temple and kill the crazed General Diem along with his guards. The mission ends with the three men looking at Diem's dead body. Monty hands you a machete and you decapitate Diem.

The next day, you return to base camp and throw the severed head of General Diem onto the table of your CO, Colonel Salter. With Diem dead, you and Short Timer get on a helicopter to China Beach. But before they get more than a mile, a VC shoots down their chopper with an RPG. It is then implied that Short Timer was tortured in a tunnel system outside the American Base and he dies. You then fight you way back to the base and along with Monty and Salter defend the base from a massive attack by several hundred NVA and VC. As you get overrun, you retreat into the bomb shelter and wade out a napalm strike. The games ends with American soldiers, discovering you and Monty sitting on a box in the middle of the destroyed base.

Along the way your squad mates are killed. Tomkins and O'Brien are killed in the defense of the fort. The SF troops Eyeball, Tick-Tock and Ramirez "Gunner" are killed during the battle in Ku-Lim. Tick-Tock is killed when an RPG hits their position [he had a flamethrower], but Eyeball and Gunner are captured, tortured and killed by "Mama-San", who was spying on the troops and passing the info to the VC. "Psycho" is killed when an RPG impales him, but it doesn't go off until a few seconds later. "Short Timer" is captured, tortured and dies from his wounds after the player's helicopter that was taking them to R&R is shot down. Then you exit the crash which destroyed the R&R. You and your Vietnamese guide "Monty" then take cover in the command bunker as artillery bombs the camp. The game ends with you and him sitting outside waiting to go home.



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