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List of GNU packages

This list of GNU packages lists notable software packages developed for or maintained by the Free Software Foundation for GNU, a Unix-like computer operating system composed entirely of free software. Many of these software packages are today included as part of typical Linux distributions.

Base system

Name Description Provides Version 1 Date 1
Bash GNU's UNIX compatible shell bash 3.2 11-10-2006
coreutils Base commands fileutils: chgrp, chown, chmod, cp, dd, df, dir, du, ln, ls, mkdir, mkfifo, mknod, mv, rm etc.
textutils: cat, cksum, head, tail, md5sum, nl, oc, pr, tsort, join, wc, tac, paste etc.
shellutils: basename, chroot, date, dirname, echo, env, groups, hostname, nice, nohup, printf, sleep etc.
6.3 30-9-2006
cpio archiving program cpio 2.6 20-12-2004
diffutils contains utilies to compare files diff, cmp, diff3, sdiff 2.8.1 06-4-2002
findutils contains search utilities find, locate, xargs 4.2.28 05-8-2006
finger user information n/a 1.37 28-10-1992
fontutils font management utilities n/a 0.7 02-4-2002
grep search for strings in files grep 2.5.1a 19-11-2004
groff document processing system (groff) groff 1.19.2 4-9-2005
GRUB 2 GRand Unified Bootloader grub 1.96 03-2-2008
gzip compression program (gzip) gzip 1.3.12 13-4-2007
hurd a microkernel-based set of servers that perform the same function as a UNIX kernel n/a 0.2? 12-6-1997
inetutils useful utils for networking ftp, [], rsh, rlogin, tftp 1.4.2 23-12-2002
plotutils useful utils for plotting to different devices graph, libplot, libplotter 2.5 07-05-2006
readline useful library for reading command lines readline 5.1_p4 09-12-2005, 16-3-2006
screen a terminal multiplexer screen 4.0.2 27-1-2004
tar Archiver able to creates and handles file archives in various formats tar 1.16 21-10-2006
texinfo documentation system for producing online and printed manuals n/a 4.8a 26-9-2006
time program to determine the duration of execution of a particular command time 1.7 11-7-1996


  1. Stable versions. Note that some distros (e.g Gentoo) use some development versions in case the stable versions are a bit old.
  2. Note that GRUB does not have a stable version, since the program itself is unstable, although many distros use it as default.
  3. Note that HURD is under active development. Because of that, there is no 'stable' version. The Hurd is distributed through version control systems.(cvs)


  1. GNU build system ─ contains autoconf and automake
  2. Gnulib ─ portability library designed for use with the GNU build system
  3. GNU Binutils ─ contains the GNU assembler (as) and the GNU linker (ld)
  4. GNU make ─ the Make program for GNU
  5. GNU Compiler Collection ─ optimizing compiler for many programming languages, including C, C++, Fortran, Ada, and Java.
  6. GNU Debugger ─ an advanced debugger (gdb)
  7. GNU C Library (glibc) ─ POSIX compliant C library
  8. GNU pth ─ software threads for POSIX-compatible operating systems.
  9. GNU libtool ─ Shared library support
  10. GNU libmicrohttpd ─ embeddable [] server
  11. GNU m4 ─ macro processor
  12. GNU Gettext ─ internationalization library
  13. GNU lightning - just-in-time compilation that generating machine language
  14. DotGNU ─ replacement for Microsoft .NET
  15. GNU Classpath ─ libraries for Java
  16. GNU bisonparser generator intended to replace yacc
  17. GNU Guile ─ embeddable Scheme interpreter
  18. BFD ─ object file library
  19. GNU MDK ─ a development kit for programming in MIX
  20. GNU indent ─ a program to indent C and C++ source code.
  21. GNU FriBidi ─ a library that implements Unicode's Bidirectional Algorithm
  22. MIT/GNU Scheme ─ interpreter, compiler and library for the Scheme programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  23. SmartEiffel ─ the GNU Eiffel compiler
  24. GNU SmalltalkANSI Smalltalk-98 implementation (interpreter and class library).
  25. CLISPANSI Common Lisp implementation (compiler, debugger, and interpreter)
  26. GNU Common Lisp ─ an implementation of Common Lisp
  27. Gawk - GNU awk implementation

Graphical Desktop

  1. Dia ─ a vector graphics program for creating diagrams
  2. GIMP ─ the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a bitmap image editor that rivals Photoshop
  3. GTK+ ─ the GIMP Toolkit, contains the GTK+, GDK, and GLib set of libraries (used by the GIMP and GNOME)
  4. GNOME ─ the GNU Network Object Model Environment, the official GNU Desktop
  5. GNUstep ─ implementation of the OpenStep libraries and development tools for graphical applications

Applications and utilities

  1. Bazaar ─ distributed revision control system
  2. Gnash ─ player and browser plugin for the Adobe Flash file format
  3. GNU Alexandria ─ package of the GNU system that makes use of GNU Bayonne to provide a means to deliver access to electronic content and services for the blind over the public telephone network
  4. GNU Anubis ─ outgoing mail processor that sits between the MUA (Mail User Agent) and the MTA (Mail Transport Agent)
  5. GNU Aspell ─ spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell
  6. GNU Accounting Utils ─ set of utilities providing statistics on users and processes (last, ac, accton, lastcomm, sa, dump-utmp, dump-acct)
  7. GNU Cash ─ the GNU financial accounting application
  8. GNU Emacs ─ the Emacs editor of the GNU operating system
  9. Gnumeric ─ the GNU spreadsheet program
  10. GNU libextractor ─ metadata extraction library and tool
  11. GNU Parted ─ Partitioning program
  12. GNU Privacy GuardPGP encryption replacement
  13. GNU wget ─ advanced file retrieval from networks and the Internet
  14. GNUnet ─ decentralized, peer-to-peer communication network designed to be resistant to censorship
  15. GNU Robots ─ game for computer programmers
  16. GnuTLSTLS replacement protocol
  17. GNU Typist ─ Universal (multi-lingual) typing tutor
  18. GnuzillaInternet suite
  19. GNU Ferret ─ Free Entity Relationship and Reverse Engineering Tool. SQL database designer
  20. GOCR ─ GNU Optical Character Recognition

Scientific software

  1. GNU Octave ─ a program for numerical computations similar to MATLAB
  2. GSL ─ the GNU Scientific Library
  3. GMParbitrary precision numerical calculation programming library
  4. GDL ─ GNU data language, compatible with IDL
  5. PSPP ─ A statistical program that rivals SPSS


  1. GNU Miscfiles ─ several data files including standard airport, country, and language codes
  2. GNU Chess
  3. GNU Go
  4. GnowSys ─ a kernel for semantic computing (a distributed agent oriented knowledge base.)
  5. Gnucap ─ the GNU Circuit Analysis Package
  6. Gnu Panorama ─ 3D Framework, ray tracing
  7. Gnu Maverik ─ Virtual Reality microkernel
  8. 3DLDF ─ graphics package

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