Glutton for Punishment

Glutton for Punishment

Glutton for Punishment is a program on Food Network hosted by Bob Blumer. The show features the host in various food-related challenges. He is given five days to become proficient enough in the episode's featured specialty. His newly acquired skills are then put to the test by matching him up against champions and experts in the field. In several competitions, Bob Blumer surprises by qualifying ahead of many pros. When he is not doing so well, he acknowledges the difficulty he has, often with self-deprecating humour.


Season 1

# Title: Description:
01 "Oyster Shuck-Off" Bob Blumer learns the technique of oyster shucking and travels to the Urbanna Oyster Festival in Virginia to enter the Oyster Shucking Competition. Bob's challenge is to crash the world of elite shuckers and become a contender in just one week
02 "NYC Waiters' Race" Bob Blumer gets a crash course in waiting tables at a busy brasserie in New York City.
03 "Flair bartending" Bob Blumer trains in the dazzling art of flair bartending.
04 "Benihana Chef" Bob Blumer takes the heat as he trains to become a full-fledged teppanyaki chef at Toronto's Benihana restaurant.
05 "Barista Competition" Bob Blumer's challenge is to immerse himself in the world of coffee by entering the Canadian National Barista Championships.
06 "Hatch Chile Festival" Bob Blumer's challenge is to prove that he can really take the heat by entering the Hatch, N.M. hot chile eating contest.
07 "Kansas City BBQ Competition" Bob Blumer's challenge is to lead his own team in the Open Competition at a Kansas City BBQ Cookoff.
08 "Riesling Harvest" Bob Blumer's challenge is assisting in the harvest of 17 acres of precious grapes, for a maker of fine German Rieslings.
09 "Guinness Diet" Bob Blumer travels to Dublin, where his challenge is to live on Guinness alone for 5 full days.
10 "Noodle Pulling" Bob faces his toughest challenge yet: mastering the lost art of making hand-pulled noodles. Bob will have just one week to learn this complex technique, which most chefs take years to master.
11 "Breakfast Line Cook" Bob Blumer's challenge is to make it into the tight knit ranks of the kitchen as a breakfast line cook.
12 "Honey Bee" Bob Blumer travels to Oregon to learn the art of beekeeping. At the end of the week, he has to show what he has learned when he enters the Beekeepers Games.

Season 2

# Title: Description:
01 "Cheese Rolling" Bob Blumer's challenge is to travel to Gloucester, England to compete in the the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake competition.
02 "Haggis Hurling" Bob Blumer's challenge is to travel to Scotland and try his hand at haggis hurling.
03 "Okie Noodling" Bob Blumer's challenge is to travel to Oklahoma to catch catfish with his bare hands.
04 "Fried Egg" Bob Blumer's challenge is to travel to the Mojave Desert where he has 15 minutes to cook an egg using only solar power.
05 "Watermelon Seed Spitting" Bob Blumer's challenge is to travel to Hope, Arkansas and challenge past champions at spitting watermelon seeds on the back of a flatbed truck.

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