Gloppen is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Nordfjord.

Gloppen is generally subdivided into three areas: Hyen in the west, Gloppen in the center, and Breim in the east. Each of the areas have their own main service centres. Sandane, the administrative centre, is the largest with about 2,500 inhabitants. Other villages include Byrkjelo, Re, and Straume.

General information


The name (Old Norse Gloppi) was originally the name of a fjord (now Gloppenfjorden). The name is probably derived from the word gloppa which means "narrow opening".


The coat-of-arms is from modern times. The arms were granted on 19 December 1986. It shows a fjord horse which are bred in the area.


Gloppen was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The original municipality was identical to the Gloppen parish (prestegjeld) including the sub-parishes (sokn) of Gimmestad, Breim, and Vereide.

On 1 January 1886, the sub-parish of Breim (population: 1,823) was separated from Gloppen. This left Gloppen with 2,970 residents.

On 1 January 1964, the muncipality of Breim (population: 1,731) was merged back into the municipality of Gloppen. After the merger, the population of Gloppen was 5,702.

On 1 January 1965, the Hoplandsgrenda area (population: 42) was transferred to neighboring Stryn municipality.


The Church of Norway has six churches within the municipality of Gloppen. It is part of the Diocese of Bjørgvin and the Rural Deanery (Prosti) of Nordfjord.

Churches in Gloppen
Church Name Year Built Location
of the Church
Gloppen Parish Breim Breim kyrkje 1886 Breim
Gimmestad Gimmestad kyrkje 1910 Gimmestad
Gimmestad gamle kyrkje 1690 Gimmestad
Hyen Hyen kyrkje 1876 Hyen
Vereide Sandane arbeidskyrkje 1997 Sandane
Vereide kyrkje 12th century Vereide


All municipalities in Norway, including Gloppen, are responsible for primary education (through 10th grade), outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads. The municipality is governed by a municipal council of elected representatives, which in turn elect a mayor.

Municipal council

The municipal council (Kommunestyre) of Gloppen is made up of 27 representatives that are elected to every four years. For 2007–2011, the party breakdown is as follows:


The mayor (ordførar) of a municipality in Norway is a representative of the majority party of the municipal council who is elected to lead the council. Anders Ryssdal of the Centre Party (Senterpartiet) was re-elected mayor for the 2007–2011 term.


The municipality is located southern shores of the Nordfjord. To the north is the municipality of Eid, to the east is Stryn, to the south is Naustdal and Jølster, and to the west is Flora and Bremanger.

Gloppen has a natural landscape with virtually unspoiled nature ranging from sea level up to high-alpine mountains of some 1800 meters height. Snønipa is the highest mountain in the municipality and is located at the Myklebustbreen glacier. Lake Breimsvatn also lies in Gloppen.


The dominant trades and industries in Gloppen are agriculture and farming. The municipal centre Sandane is also home to a college of secondary education and until recently (2005) also a branch of Sogn og Fjordane University College specialized in music therapy.


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