Artwiz fonts

The Artwiz Fonts are "small futuristic fonts for X."


The are available from the Ubuntu Universe repository in the package 'xfonts-artwiz'. The package contains:

 Anorexia (9x11 variable width),
 Aqui (12x13 variable width),
 Cure (6x10 fixed width),
 Drift (6x11 fixed width),
 Edges (5x10 fixed width),
 Gelly (9x10 variable width),
 Glisp-bold (10x11 variable width),
 Glisp (9x11 variable width),
 Kates (7x14 fixed width),
 Lime (5x10 fixed width),
 Mints-mild (9x9 variable width),
 Mints-strong (9x9 variable width),
 Nu (7x9 variable width),
 Smoothansi (6x13 fixed width) and
 Snap (9x10 variable width) by Artwiz,
 Runt (5x10 fixed width) and
 Smooth (6x13 fixed width) by Daniel Erat,
 Tixus (5x10 fixed width) by TigerT,
 Fkp (8x16 fixed width) by freakpie.

Origin of Name

The name ostensibly comes from their original creator, who is known only as Artwiz.


Due to the minimalistic nature of the fonts, they are very popular with Openbox and Fluxbox users.

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