Glauco Della Sciucca

International Illustrator, Professional Journalist, Writer, Novelist and Author, 35, he was born in Pescara, Italy, lived for many years in his home town, before ten years in Rome and then, since September 2003 in Central Park West, New York City. Currently, alive between Italy, London and New York, with an affectionate eye always in his home town.


In U.S. The New York Public Library enumerates in its catalog the Glauco Della Sciucca’s books "Central Park West Stories", published in 2005 by Baldini Castoldi Dalai, Milan: an original book of stories and "drawings", with good criticisms: L'Unità ("No Glauco, No Party! "), Flair (what it has defined him "a pen of visionary humor link a new Tom Wolfe), La Repubblica, Rai TV Soft News with famous journalist Vincenzo Mollica, which have have spoken of a talent to follow with many attention). Cosmopolitan (magazine), in March 2005 issue, it has spoken of "New Yorker stories up to the marrow", in the space of an article in which it spoke of David Benioff (screenwriter of “Troy") and, Glauco Della Sciucca ("Benioff and Della Sciucca, two modern young writers"). After four years of collaboration “L’Unità”, founded by Antonio Gramsci, in which he has published his articles and drawings inside the pages of the culture Della Sciucca, and where hee has been able to work with the great art director Fabio Ferrari, Glauco Della Sciucca has for someone months worked to “Il Manifesto” as illustrator of the pages of Tv, Media and culture. In April 2003 a least turn in international sense: the debut on The New York Review of Books, Italian (Florence) edition produced by “Gruppo L’Espresso”, and immediately later, in September of the same year, the departure for New York, where in the turn of few days he has thrown the bases for his collaborations to The New Yorker, The Jewish Week, The Brooklyn Rail (since september 2008) and Columbia Journalism Review.

The Jewish Week

In New York, the meetings key of him career it has been those with famous painter and art director Kim Muller-Thym (The Jewish Week) which, from perfect stranger it bravely launched him in the firmament of the new Yorker magazines of elitè making to work him, hardly known in editing (in Times Square) to the b/w drawings for the Rosh Hashanah 5846, the Jewish New Year's eve. Fundamental the meetings in Park Avenue with Mark Podwal, legendary illustrator for The New York Times, Owen Phillips (Illustration Editor of the New Yorker magazine) and Max Bode.

The New Yorker, Columbia J. Review, and Baldini Castoldi Dalai

Before he called by Nancy Novick to contribute to the redesign of the bimonthly academician and journalistic "Columbia Journalism Review", Della Sciucca has begun his Italian collaboration with Michele Dalai, publisher of Baldini Castoldi Dalai, with which he has established the bases for a profitable publishing. Dalai, in 2004 and in 2005 has called him to realize some covers of the mythical "Linus monthly" (by Charles M. Schulz), founded by Oreste Del Buono: the famous cover of the Linus 40th anniversay of is one of the maximum points reached by Glauco, together with the debut on the New Yorker magazine (january 2004), and to the long experience on the Columbia Journalism Review (published from you Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia University) founfed by Jospeh Pulitzer, whose journalistic editing is inside Columbia University, New York.

In Rome, Della Sciucca, besides the Rai-broadcasting company, Della Sciucca has realized the Tv documentary "Rome, clipboard of sight on the contemporaneity", with Tim Parks, Carlo Lizzani, Silvio Orlando, Carlo Delle Piane and Luciano Lucignani. It’s followed "Paris", with Eugenio Scalfari, Marie Helene Esteve and Laura Morante, and "The Ulivo in the square, the reflection and the perspective", with Mario Pirani. For the most important parties of the coalition of center-left, worked to the last campaign for the 2006 political elections, conducting journalistic tv web programs interviewing among the others Maurizio Costanzo, Ettore Scola, Nicola Piovani. Currently, to 35, brought defeasible to New York the journalistic experience and writing and forehand the monologue "The Democritic" for Alessandro Haber, he’s editing his first Novel, working to various broadcast, journalistic and art project between London and New York City (BagStudio 2008)

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