glamour girl

Glamour Girl (novel)

Glamour Girl is an upcoming novel written by Kerry Katona and Fanny Blake. It is the third in a trilogy of novels written by Katona and Blake and is a follow up from her first two novels Tough Love and The Footballer's Wife. It is due for release 2 October, 2008.


Leanne has turned the tables on her career and is now managing her little sister Jodie's glamour career. Jodie will do anything to get to where she wants to be and is determined to be even more famous than Leanne ever was. So she hits all the parties with one thing in mind - get noticed. She decides that to top it all of she wants the perfect man - Ben Ridely, the owner of a leading property company. But shes to busy spending his money to realise that its not coming in the legal way. Jodie needs to be careful because if she's not she could end up in big trouble!

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