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Giveaway of the Day (Abbreviated GOTD on the website) is a website that gives away a piece of licensed PC (Windows) software for free every day. The site was launched on 24th October 2006. The site allows software developers to post their software to be given away on a specific day. Software can only be downloaded on this specific day because of included protection software that checks the website and activates it on the day of the giveaway.

The site now runs in several different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, and Russian.

Previous Titles and charge on Giveaway of the Day

Titles on Giveaway of the Day include screen-savers, system tools, shell replacements, video and photo editing tools, Office add-ons and others. Software titles offered by Giveawayoftheday are free if downloaded from the Giveaway of the Day website.

User Criticism

There has been a lot of criticism lately, largely about giving away screensavers, converters and other simple programs, which are widely available as freeware or even open source. Lately, the games and software have been receiving poor user ratings because of their low quality, simplicity, bundling with adware, or otherwise.

You can only install and register the programs before midnight -- after that you cannot reinstall. This causes many users to regard the software as trialware. On the plus side, browsing through their giveaways can lead to discoveries of freeware by using product names as keywords in search engines.

Game Giveaway Of The Day

On 8 December, 2006 a new site was launched, Game Giveaway of the Day, which gives away games each day. Recently, however, these give aways have been restricted to weekends.

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