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To Understand: The Early Recordings of Matthew Sweet

To Understand: The Early Recordings of Matthew Sweet is a compilation album by Alternative rock musician Matthew Sweet. Released by Hip-O Records in 2002, it is a compilation of early Sweet recordings.

Track listing

  1. Southern (The Buzz of Delight)
  2. Christmas (The Buzz of Delight)
  3. Briar Rose (The Buzz of Delight)
  4. The Story of Love (The Buzz of Delight)
  5. Ninety-Six Sheets (The Buzz of Delight)
  6. Quiet Her
  7. Blue Fools
  8. We Lose Another Day
  9. Save Time for Me
  10. Something Becomes Nothing (The Golden Palominos)
  11. Easy
  12. When I Feel Again (Single Remix)
  13. Wind and the Sun
  14. Love
  15. Vertigo
  16. Having a Bad Dream
  17. To Understand (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
  18. You Gotta Love Me (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
  19. Silent City (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
  20. Divine Intervention (12 Inch B-Side/Demo)
  21. Good Friend (Demo)
  22. Tainted Obligation (Demo) (Community Trolls)

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