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Give-n-Take was an American television game show based partly on Blackjack that starred Jim Lange and aired on CBS for 60 episodes between September 8 and November 28, 1975. The show – dominated by LED displays and buzzers — was considered a time filler until CBS was ready to unveil its hour-long The Price is Right format. The series was canceled shortly after the 60-minute TPiR premiered.

Rules of the Game

Four female contestants (males never competed for unexplained reasons), including a returning champion, competed, using prizes as the playing cards. The contestants were seated around an eight-space spinner (an LED display designed like a game board spinner). Each contestant was given an up-prize with dollar-value announced to start the game.

Announcer Johnny Jacobs announced another prize but not the dollar value. Lange then read a general-knowledge question. The first to respond correctly won five spaces on the board while her opponents each got one space.

At that point, the LED spinner went into motion; the player signified when she wanted to stop the spinner by pressing her buzzer. Wherever the spinner landed, the player controlling that space could either keep the prize or pass it to one of her opponents. Play then repeated in the same manner, with a new prize described.

The idea was to build a prize package of as close to $5,000 without going over. Since they did not know the total retail value of their prizes, a player could freeze at any point if she thought she was close to the $5,000 limit, knowing she could not receive any more prizes. The player who had the package that was closest to $5,000 won her prize package and advanced to the bonus round. The other players went away with parting gifts.

Bonus Round

The champion was given one final spin, and if the arrow landed in a pre-selected space (a 1-in-8 shot), they won a bonus $5,000 in cash plus the other prizes that their opponents had received during that game (usually about $10,000-$15,000). A player competed for up to five days or until reaching CBS's $25,000 limit.

Give-n-Take was one of two back-to-back CBS Daytime flops for emcee Jim Lange in 1975, following Spin-Off.

Episode status

This show's status is unknown, and rumored to be completely destroyed. One episode exists on the trading circuit, in very poor condition.

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  • Say When!! (a 1960s game show similar to Give-n-Take)

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