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Just Don't Give a Fuck

"Just Don't Give a Fuck" is a song by American rapper Eminem, which was released as his first single. The original version of this track was on Eminem's independent demo release The Slim Shady EP.

The song did not do well in the charts but was nonetheless included on Eminem's debut studio album The Slim Shady LP once he signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment record label.

In the song, Eminem mentions 2Pac and his song "Fuck the World", but also "I Don't Give a Fuck", which 2Pac says "I Just Don't Give a Fuck" in the song, and is where Eminem got the title for the song.

"Just Don't Give a Fuck," like many of Eminem's songs, is noted for its profane language, sexual content, mention of violence, drug references, and articulate rhymes, fluid assonance and alliteration, and comical nature.

An example:

''"I'm convinced I'm a fiend, shootin' up while this record is spinnin
Clinically brain dead - I don't need a second opinion
Fuck droppin' the jewel, I'm flippin' the sacred treasure
I'll bite your motherfucking style, just to make it fresher
I can't take the pressure, I'm sick of bitches
Sick of naggin' bosses bitchin' while I'm washin' dishes
In school I never said much
Too busy havin' a head rush
Doin' too much rush had my face flushed like red blush"

This song was later included on a bonus CD in the deluxe edition of Curtain Call: The Hits, but does not appear on the single-disc version of this album. The word 'raped' in the line "raped the women's swim team" is censored in both the explicit and clean versions of the song on the main albums and singles only.

The earlier and very rare mini album entitled "The Slim Shady EP" does not feature this edit and is totally uncensored.


The video is black and white with some splashes on color, such as red and green. It is set in a trailer park in the summer. It has events that do not seem to connect with each other. It begins with a boy, trying to steal food from a kitchen table, however the older woman (possibly his mom or grandma, then the boy come back as a grown up and grabs the woman by her throat. In some version of the video it is seen how he is beating the woman and throwing her on a bed(possibly dead). It also has shots of people drinking and swimming in a pool. Also the car from the artwork of the single is present in the video. It also has meaningless "alien" and a "clown" in a video that do not seem to belong in it. There are parts of the video that show people eating watermelons.


Chart (2007) Peak
Hot Rap Singles 5
U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs 62

Track listing

  1. "Just Don't Give a Fuck"
  2. "Just Don't Give a Fuck (Clean Version)"
  3. "Just Don't Give a Fuck (Acappella)"
  4. "Just Don't Give a Fuck (Instrumental)"
  5. "Brain Damage"

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