girl wonder

Kleenex Girl Wonder

Kleenex Girl Wonder (or Kleenexgirlwonder or Kleen Ex-Girl Wonder in Japan) was an indie rock band from Chicago. The band mainly consisted of Graham Smith, with a revolving line up backing him on tours. His backing band consisted of neighborhood friends from his hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois. This lineup consisted of Adam Blake (guitar), Rafeeq Hasan (bass), Quinn Goodwillie (guitar), Christian Goodwillie (bass) and Jeff Giba (drums).

Kleenex Girl Wonder disbanded in 2003, but a new album entitled "Mrs. Equitone" is due out in 2008


  • Sexual Harassment (1996)
  • Graham Smith Is the Coolest Person Alive (1997)
  • Ponyoak (1999)
  • Smith (2001)
  • After Mathematics (2002)

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