Jerusalem artichoke

Sunflower (Helianthus tuberosus) native to North America and grown for its edible tubers. The aboveground part of the plant is a coarse, usually multibranched, frost-tender perennial, 7–10 ft (2–3 m) tall. The numerous showy flower heads have yellow ray flowers and yellow, brownish, or purplish disk flowers. The underground tubers vary in shape, size, and colour. Jerusalem artichoke is popular as a cooked vegetable in Europe and has long been cultivated in France as livestock feed. In the U.S. it is rarely cultivated.

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Girasole is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Ogliastra in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 90 km northeast of Cagliari and about 2 km northeast of Tortolì. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 1,020 and an area of 13.0 km².

Girasole borders the following municipalities: Lotzorai, Tortolì, Villagrande Strisaili.

Demographic evolution

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