gilead, balm of

Balm of Gilead (disambiguation)

Balm of Gilead may refer to:


  • Balm of Gilead, resin produced by the North American poplar species Populus candicans
  • Balsam of Mecca, resin and other products of the Arabian tree species Commiphora gileadensis (syn. Commiphora opobalsamum), first mentioned in connection with Gilead, familiar from the Bible and from classical Greek and Latin texts, usually translated as "balm" or "balsam"
  • Canada balsam, resin produced by the fir species Abies balsamea, though this attribution is incorrect

The arts


  • Balm of Gilead, group that works to address the issue of AIDS within the African American community by engaging churches in the discussion. They host the Black Church week of Prayer every year to rally churches around this issue.

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