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Time Lord (video game)

Time Lord is a video game released by Milton Bradley and developed by Rare Ltd.. The game was sold in the United States in 1989. It plays on the Nintendo Entertainment System.


In the year 2999, Earth is under siege by aliens from the fictional planet Drakkon. Using time travel technology, they have sent armies to four periods in human history, with the intention of altering history to make humankind easier to conquer in the present.

The player assumes control of the "Time Lord", who has until January 1st, 3000 A.D. to vanquish the enemy in the past, or else he will self-destruct along with the time machine.


The player begins in the MB Time Travel Research Center, then progresses through four levels based on periods in human history (Medieval England 1250 A.D., Western U.S.A. 1860 A.D., Caribbean 1650 A.D., and France 1943 A.D.). After the Drakkon forces have been eliminated, the player returns to the present to do battle with the Drakkon King.

The game features isometric graphics to simulate 3D terrain. The Time Lord can jump, punch, and use period weapons such as swords and guns. In order to progress from level to level, the player must acquire five golden orbs with which to power the time machine. In the era levels, four of the five orbs are scattered throughout each level, with the fifth being relinquished after defeating a Drakkon Lord (boss).

The aforementioned year 3000 deadline is in effect in game. One day in present time transpires in four seconds, meaning the player has 24 minutes and 34 seconds of gameplay time to complete the game or the game is lost.


Depending on the time period the player is in, weapons such as swords, throwing knives, firearms, grenades, and laser weaponry can be used. The player begins each level unarmed, but can acquire these weapons by collecting giftwrapped packages.

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