Gift Wrapped

Gift Wrapped is a greatest hits compilation by the Canadian Comedy Music group The Arrogant Worms, released in 2002 under the Oglio Records label. It is significant in that it marks their official debut release in the United States. In addition to many favorites, it includes two bonus tracks from the Idiot Road sessions ("Dog Named Bob" and "Song Inside My Head"), previously unreleased.

Track listing

  1. "A Man Has Needs"
  2. "Jesus' Brother Bob"
  3. "Boy Band"
  4. "Malcolm"
  5. "Big Fat Road Manager"
  6. "Carrot Juice Is Murder"
  7. "The Happy Happy Birthday Song"
  8. "Me Like Hockey"
  9. "Idiot Road"
  10. "Christmas Is Almost Here"
  11. "Log In To You"
  12. "I Am Cow"
  13. "Celine Dion"
  14. "Let There Be Guns"
  15. "Rippy The Gator"
  16. "Santa's Gonna Kick your Ass"
  17. "Dog Named Bob" (bonus track)
  18. "Song Inside My Head" (bonus track)

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